NRA helps ease MoD restrictions on cadet shooting

The NRA has scored a rare victory after engaging with MPs to help ease chaotic MoD rules on the movement of cadet units’ rifles to and from ranges.

A statement on the NRA website posted yesterday reads:

Earlier this month I attended a meeting with Julian Brazier, Minister for Reserves at the MoD, kindly organised by Mark Garnier MP, to explain concerns about difficulties that cadet units were experiencing with transport to ranges. The Minister quickly grasped the issue and has promptly arranged for regulations to be updated to ease restrictions on the transportation of the Cadet Target Rifle whilst maintaining existing levels of security; this will greatly assist cadet units with their shooting for the 2016 season.

Full details of the changes are being communicated to cadet units, and can be obtained from JSP 440 and the CCRS.

Mark Garnier MP deserves special thanks for raising this issue in Parliament; I am particularly grateful to the Minister Julian Brazier for acting so promptly to assist thousands of cadets with their shooting for the forthcoming season.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Cadet units remain tight-lipped over the exact details of the change but it is good to see the NRA engaging positively with MPs and the government to secure a change that benefits the whole sport.

Hopefully this move paves the way for further constructive NRA engagement with the MoD, particularly on range access for rifle clubs.

1 thought on “NRA helps ease MoD restrictions on cadet shooting

  1. Charles Young


    Hold on before making much of this. As reported to me, the changes are mall but irrelevant and make little or no difference.

    I emailed Mercer yesterday: Mr Mercer, another negative comment perhaps?



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