Postal service causes gun crime, says chief constable

29 Feb 2016 – The chief constable of one of Britain’s larger police forces blames the “fast parcel” postal system for an alleged rise in illegally held firearms in Britain, according to The Guardian.

Dave Thompson, chief constable of West Midlands Police, told the newspaper: “Traditionally you’d have seen maybe six or seven years ago we’d be stopping people at Dover with 10 Baikals [a make of firearm] concealed in compartments in the car. That’s become less of a feature. What’s become more of a feature is weapons through the fast parcel system, individual items coming through.”

Thompson, who holds a degree in law from Liverpool University, said criminals are stripping illegal firearms into their component parts before using the postal system to send those parts to associates in Britain.

He also said the threat of terrorism means armed police budgets should be increased – and that his police force is not a “fair organisation on race”, referring to policing of the Muslim-dominated city of Birmingham.

UKSN comment

The internet enables police criminals to conduct illegal surveillance. Government should give more money to law firms such as Green and Black Cross and deter these criminals from acting.

(The above is an attempt at satire. Only an idiot would seriously make that claim – or say that the postal service is to blame for a failure of enforcement and lawful screening procedures.)

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