Dunblane anniversary: Media circus gears up

With the 20th anniversary of the Dunblane murders by known paedophile Thomas Hamilton coming up, the BBC, the Daily Mail and various Scottish tabloids have joined forces to tell the stories of the survivors.

It’s curious, then, that one of those survivors – Aimie Lauren Adam – has a Twitter profile which appears to have been set up solely to promote herself to the media as a bookable commodity in connection with the murders.

The web address given is for Front Row Partnership, a PR and talent agency “that focuses on credible careers in TV and media” and who “nurture both emerging and existing talent,” according to their website.

Consider also her tweets:

Would Piers Morgan be so shallow and manipulative as to find a survivor of a mass murder and encourage her to step into the media limelight as a “personality” in her own right, but with the sole intent of using her as a pawn to help further his personal aims?

4 thoughts on “Dunblane anniversary: Media circus gears up

  1. Mr.Smith

    It does give us an opportunity to speak out also.
    Why when the 7/7 bombers bombed London all the politicians said that only the people who did the crime were guilty, and no other blame should be put on the wider muslim community.
    Yet when one man kills children and a teacher and then himself,, the Pistol shooters are to blame, and when we were promised a free and fair enquiry into the atrocity, they the government put a 100 years “D” notice on the outcome, so neither free nor fair.
    And they did not look into the paedophile connections of Hamilton, so let that go why? We know why as we have found out lately that too many MP’s are paedophiles, along with Masonic policemen, and prosecution services.
    It stinks.


  2. Ian

    There is no proof that Hamilton was a paedophile, though he was hounded to the point of suicide by suspicious critics. There is a lot of supposition, with the benefit of hind sight, and the full facts will never be known but a hate campaign generates hate; something we should all consider.



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