#EUgunban: The EU Parliament wants to licence MAGAZINES

9th March 2016 – A draft of proposed amendments to the EU gun ban text reveals that the EU wants to make magazines a licensable component part of a firearm, as well as imposing other expensive and ineffectual restrictions.

A “draft opinion” document from the EU parliament’s “civil liberties” committee, chaired by British Labour MEP Claude Moraes, reveals the bloc’s intent to ban semi-automatic firearms has not been weakened by the powerful public backlash.

“Large magazines make firearms more dangerous and should be subject to license.”

Magazines of more than 10 rounds would become licensable items held on a firearm certificate just like an actual gun, if the EU gets its way with the latest set of amendments proposed by an MEP.

In addition, Eurocrats are intent on allowing police and others to treat law-abiding shooters as mentally ill unless proven otherwise, by forcing mandatory intrusive medical tests to assess the “physical, mental and cognitive aptitude” of gun licence holders. This disgustingly illiberal move has been proposed by a MEP from a left-wing party.

The EU parliament’s “civil liberties” committee allowed a Swedish politician from that country’s Green party, one Bodil Valero (previously Bodil Ceballos), to write its proposed amendments to the EU gun ban plan. In those amendments, she wrote:

“This Directive, although the aim is better security for the citizens, is not addressing illegal arms and with them related organized crime and terrorist activity, which are only two types of gun related problems. It’s more about preventing legal firearms from ending up on the black market, preventing shooting rampages, suicides, homicides and accidents with firearms.”

The EU has, therefore, publicly dropped any pretence that the gun ban is about addressing terrorism, which it initially claimed when it announced the plan in November 2015. Its true aim is to outlaw civilian firearms ownership and to disrupt the lawful shooting sports, in full knowledge that this will not reduce the criminal or terrorist misuse of firearms. It is an agenda driven by irrational emotional impulses that ignore clear evidence that lawful firearms ownership does not correlate meaningfully with criminality.

In doing this, the EU reveals that it has much in common with infant playground bullies: unwilling, or more likely unable, to deal with the problems facing it, it lashes out at those within its grasping reach, not caring how much damage and pain it causes.

Valero proposed that the text of the EU gun ban be amended to include magazines as licensable component parts. The original proposal does not cover magazines. She also proposed that shooters pay for insurance before being permitted to apply for a gun licence. As justification for this logic-defying motion, she wrote: “Just as vehicles require insurance so should firearms. It seems imperative to make an obligation to the liability insurance as a pre-condition of any compulsory private gun ownership. It is important that the weapon and not just the holder will be insured for liability as it is a general interest that at least the victim protection is guaranteed whether the shooter is the legal owner of the weapon or not.”

Car drivers in Britain are not required to apply for insurance before getting a driving licence. All rifle clubs in the UK already have insurance, both for the club members’ activities and for their ranges. This is very obviously an attempt at forcing the poor working classes out of the shooting sports by making it too expensive for them as individuals to participate.

Valero also wants police, doctors carrying out intrusive medical tests that she proposes and other licensing authorities to be given total immunity in law from failures in the licensing process.

“If authorities are to make adequate standard suitability tests as a prerequisite for issuing or renewing a license, they are not to be held liable if the person granted the license commits a criminal offence using a firearm afterwards,” she wrote. This is a clear effort to ensure that laziness, incompetence and unlawful behaviour by EU-sponsored officials involved in gun licensing can never be punished – a disgusting act from a supposed left-winger.

She also proposes a ban on distance sales of firearms and ammunition, but grudgingly concedes that a UK-style system, where the final handover of items takes place from a registered dealer to the shooter, may be permitted. UK-style “safe storage”, in a police-approved standardised gun cabinet, is also explicitly proposed.

The full document of proposed amendments can be read here. (PDF)

UKSN comment

Frankly, this reads as if British civil servants have got to this supposed left-wing MEP and given her a set of proposals to sign her name to. The meat of “her” ideas would force the free countries of the EU to meet Britain’s harsh, restrictive and ineffectual regulations, while quietly ensuring Britons won’t be able to object to the majority of them.

The proposal for police and doctors to be given immunity from prosecution when they get it wrong is intended to appease police in the UK concerned that domestic gun laws are too complicated for them to understand, while sweeping aside concerns from doctors’ trade unions that medics with no knowledge of psychology or firearms could be forced to make predictions about their patients’ future mental health while on the range or in the field. It puts virtually unlimited power in the hands of the State while insulating the State from the consequences of abuse, malice, corruption and incompetence.

Just like the EU itself, really.

9 thoughts on “#EUgunban: The EU Parliament wants to licence MAGAZINES

  1. Colin jenkins

    Yeah, great idea, not Like you can buy mags for £25 in thousands of places which thousands have done and there are hundress of Thousands (if not millions) of them already in circulation… restricting and licencing them makes perfect sense and I’m sure will make criminals think twice – after all no one wants worn-out coat pockets from carrying all the single rounds in them.


  2. Paul

    I do not believe for one moment that this proposed legislation is motivated by emotional impulse. It is the execution of a long-held and deliberate plan to remove firearms from ordinary citizens, based on the irrational fear that the voters (i.e., us) might just upset their gravy train and vote with something a little more immediately compelling than a pen.

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  3. commonly called cosmin

    Again make sure you contact the LIBE rapporteur and explain to them while these new amendments do nothing to increase security. Mind you, you will have a harder job convincing them since they have now admitted that the aim of these amendments are to stop mass shootings, accidents with guns and mentally ill people with firearms, they will not listen to the usual arguments of: this is not going to affect illegal gun ownership.


  4. Robert Sandison

    I do hope they conducted all these tests on the guys in Libya and other states EU member states dished out assault rifles too recently by the container load .


    1. Robert Sandison

      As many modern rifles have polymer or plastic magazines they would be easy to produce in a 3D printer then just add a spring . .



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