#EUgunban latest: Brussels plans to divide and rule

14 March 2016 – Leaks from inside the EU indicate that the bloc will neutralise opposition to its plans to ban modern sporting rifles from civilian ownership by exempting certain countries from the proposal.

Opposition to the gun ban plan has been centred on Eastern and Northern Europe, where semi-automatic rifles are issued to reservists and used by them in competitions.

Information leaked to campaign website all4shooters indicates that in order to appease these countries and remove the highly organised and vehement opposition from them, the EU is prepared to create an exemption from the gun ban for guns held by reservists.

all4shooters wrote: “The European authorities may have decided to try and break the opposition front, whose main supporters are the governments of Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, and other non-EU, Schengen-member Countries such as Switzerland, whose armed forces heavily rely on the activities of the reserve forces to ensure national defense.”

The site also notes that recent reports in the Swiss press falsely indicated that the gun ban would be watered down or withdrawn, which are false.

The next EU Parliament hearing on the gun ban is tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “#EUgunban latest: Brussels plans to divide and rule

  1. commonly called cosmin

    It is important to let BASC know about this, so that they can not be hoodwinked into accepting these changes and agree to the proposals as long as there are exceptions. The exceptions are not broad enough and it is a de-facto semiauto gun ban for the rest of the EU citizens.



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