Justice minister confirms the British state is fully behind the #EUgunban

14 March 2016 – Lord Faulks, a junior minister at the Ministry of Justice, confirmed to Parliament last week that the British State is firmly behind the EU Commission’s plan to ban modern sporting rifles from civilian ownership.

Speaking about the agenda for the latest meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council, Lord Faulks said:

The UK will continue to push for our priorities on the Firearms Directive including a prohibition on certain high powered semi-automatic weapons.

This is, as if further evidence was necessary, proof that Britain is determined to destroy the freedoms in other EU member states that free people enjoy.

Domestic opposition to the EU gun ban in Britain is mostly fragmented, with the two principal shooting representative bodies, BASC and the Countryside Alliance, putting up a token fight. BASC has previously told its members that the ban will, in its opinion, not affect users of multi-shot shotguns (who make up a significant number of BASC members).

While the vast majority of target shooters are against the ban, countryside shooters appear to be largely apathetic or even in favour of the ban.

4 thoughts on “Justice minister confirms the British state is fully behind the #EUgunban

  1. Nick B

    I guess all we can hope for (and continue to encourage) is an increase in the number of shooters participating and attempt over time to change the prevailing attitudes to firearms.


  2. Amy

    By the time enough people get on board, the law will have been changed and all will be lost.
    I think we all believe, hope and trust that fairness, freedom and tolerance will continue to be part of the fabric of Britains way of life, but we are slowly but surely drifting into new waters in which the influence of left wing, socialist, emotional driven un elected un known powers are engineering our culture and country.
    We are witnessing a continual decline in family farms, brought on by the power of supermarkets who aim to ‘buy’ customers with cheap food. Those customers have less understanding of rural life than ever, and ironically, are more likely to be hooked on shoot em up video games and yet demand that guns be banned.
    Lobby groups and individuals like George Soros, Bilderberg and Monsantos of this world, with millions of secret money are able to buy corrupt law makers and politicians and remove our rights and privileges at the stroke of a pen.

    We naively believe that our democracy will give us all an equal say. There is no democracy, the dice are loaded.


  3. commonly called cosmin

    Indeed the dice are loaded but I believe that the people are waking up to this current state of affairs. I think due to the advent of the Internet a lot more people are informed on the real matters than they were 2 decades ago. This can be seen as anywhere as more conscious to what goes into their food, to the way that the media drives certain agendas. Trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low and it is because of the Internet that this is the case.

    More people are getting involved in the shooting front, in fact organizations like Firearms Uk and Firearms United have managed to put the EU on the back foot, now the actions they are willing to take are against gun misuse, suicides and accidents, they are not using the old terrorist argument chestnut. If this is the case we can ask for a full risk assessment to be carried out to see what risks legal firearms are in these 3 categories. Of course the risk assessment will conclude that legal firearms are used seldom in incidents and then we can get back to our shooting.

    That is not to say that the EU and the anti-gunners will give up but their increasing radical attitude and fact less opinion is going to be listened by less and less people. Through education we will achieve our salvation!


  4. TIM

    The dice are indeed loaded, it can be proved that the home office and attendant “authorities” had already responded to the EU enquiries from 2013 onwards fully in the knowledge that those elements proposed by them would never stand a cat in hells chance of making it through the democratic principles of law making in this country. If i am wrong they will quite happily publish all of the documents that they have sent in to the EU. (mmm?)
    They are totally out of control and have essentially run roughshod over our entire Democratic Process.
    This has to be flagged up and made public, as having got away with it they will continue to accelerate this abuse of power, once they have commpleted they will just move on to the next sub section of law abiding individuals they wish to eradicate.



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