The ‘shop a gun owner’ hotline will return

14 March 2016 – An article in a Scottish newspaper over the weekend has raised fears that Chief Constable Andy Marsh’s twice-failed ‘shop a gun owner’ hotline will return from the dead yet again later this year.

According to a hostile feature in the Herald Scotland newspaper, published on Saturday, the Crimestoppers hotline – which police were forced to drop last year after a public outcry – is set to return later this year.

UK Shooting News understands, from statements made by Crimestoppers to concerned members of the shooting community, that the line will be funded by police but staffed and administered by Crimestoppers call handlers.

Roger Critchell, Crimestoppers’ director of operators, is said to have met police last week about launching the new anti-shooting hotline. The charity claims it has “involved the shooting community in the discussions”.

In addition, from April markers will be placed on shooters’ NHS records, which will be readable by anyone with access to your NHS GP’s IT systems – including casual and temporary staff.

The hotline is the personal project of Chief Constable Andy Marsh, now of Avon and Somerset Police. Marsh is the head of the National Police Chiefs Council’s Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (NPCC FELWG).

The NPCC is the successor to ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers. ACPO was shut down on the orders of the Home Secretary after public fears boiled over about the secretive profit-making company’s influence on how laws are enforced. Police simply renamed ACPO as the NPCC and carried on with few or no changes.

In its last incarnation the hotline was launched without any notification to the licensed firearms community, or attempt to engage with or consult us about its impact.It was withdrawn shortly afterwards following a volcanic reaction from shooters and their associations.

This marks the third time that Marsh has tried to introduce the hotline. UK Shooting News believes that Marsh unwisely made a personal promise to a murder victim’s relative, and so he is now trapped into trying to foist this on the licensed firearms community for the rest of his political career.

6 thoughts on “The ‘shop a gun owner’ hotline will return

  1. Amy

    Shop a gun owner is a presumption of guilt for a crime not committed. To shop a criminal is legitimate, but to specifically target or make clear that a dedicated phone line is set up to ‘Shop’ only Gun owners is one more huge step towards a Fascist police state.
    If police feel they need a dedicated line for people to shop gun owners ad lib, then maybe police shouldnt be issuing licences in the first place, …..but if they follow vetting procedure, and the applicant /gun owner has passed, why then criminalise them with a blanket ‘Shop a gun owner’?


  2. Amy

    If you want to ‘Shop a rapist’ or any other type of crime or criminal, we use the well known 999 system, or other police recognised phone number.
    Why should legal gun owners be singled out for this kind of treatment?
    Police wouldnt allow a ‘Shop an illegal immigrant’ phone line on the supposition that he might be carrying a smuggled illegal fire arm, but would expect you to use the usual channels.
    To do so would suggest ALL illegal immigrants were criminals …..oh, wait a minute, they are, yet rather than get to grips with this massive and dangerous crime wave, the Police decide to once again go for the law abiding soft target, in the same way that speed cameras have little to do with road safety but DO raise a nice bunch of cash from easy targets.

    Once again, im disgusted with the various factions who are determinedly carving out positions of un elected power in what we laughingly call a Democracy, and im now no doubt flagged up on a database for my polite and accurate criticism of the police.


  3. No chance

    So let me get this right, anyone can contact this line and report any legal gun owner at any time?

    How will abuse by antis be filtered? Ex partners or people with a grudge? What penalties will be handed out to malicious reporters of this line?

    After receiving a report what will happen next? Will guilt be proven after investigation will owners be contacted or will this just be used as an excuse to kick in people’s doors at 6AM presuming guilt based on 1 phone call?

    What will this new team be called? The Stasi?


  4. Phil

    the crime stoppers anonymous on line form already has a drop down menu with “possession of Weapons” as an option ………..


  5. commonly called cosmin

    This is worrying but of course nothing has really changed. At any time currently if anyone has any concern about any gun owner they can just pick up the phone, call the police on any number, make a spurious accusation and then a few hours later doors will get kicked down and firearms will be taken and then you will have to prove in court that the person making the complaint has no basis for their argument. The setup of this line will just make this now official policy.



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