Mike Yardley is now writing for Sporting Shooter magazine

22 March 2016 – Divisive shooting writer Mike Yardley has had an article published in the April issue of Sporting Shooter magazine.

The article is a review of the Benelli M2 semi-auto shotgun and was spotted by a Facebook user handed a copy of the magazine by a well-meaning friend. The user said: “I’m glad I read US gun mags and not this garbage.”

yardley magazine feature

Mike Yardley, as featured in the April 2016 edition of Sporting Shooter.

Yardley mostly comes to the attention of the shooting public for his divisive and prejudiced views of other shooting disciplines. He branded all service rifle shooters “selfish and weird” last year, adding that “the possession of such weapons [modern sporting rifles] panders to potentially unhealthy fantasy” before going on to welcome the upcoming EU gun ban with open arms.

He describes the M2 as “utilitarian” in appearance, which contrasts with his obvious dislike of similar modern sporting firearms used by target shooters.

It appears from the Sporting Shooter website that he is a regular contributor to their gun test and review columns. Despite his beliefs about people who enjoy other shooting disciplines than his own, Yardley has a wealth of knowledge about shotguns and shotgun technique.

Advertisers who wrote to Gun Mart last year asking for Yardley to be dropped as a columnist appeared to be successful.

Sporting Shooter is owned by Archant Community Media Ltd, a relatively large regional news and lifestyle magazine publisher. The Archant group has bought the i newspaper from Independent News and Media, which is closing down the Independent and Independent on Sunday as print titles.

4 thoughts on “Mike Yardley is now writing for Sporting Shooter magazine

  1. Paul

    What does he not understand about the concept of … its fun! Service Rifle, Tac22, Practical Shooting, Sporting Rifle, Falling Plate … it’s all harmless fun. What is being killed? Only shooting sports for the generation that grew up with an xBox. Lying prone and firing two sighters and ten shots to count, with a cup of tea between each round, is hardly going to get them out of a warm cosy bedroom. It makes me laugh that the principle purpose of the NRA is “defence of the Realm”. Really? Gravel bellies shooting at at a black spot more than a metre in diameter are going to save the Nation? Get out, be creative, and bring a friend, you will be surprised at the reception you can get from your non-shooting mates. ‘Plinking is often the best advert for shooting.


    1. Some Random Chap

      This. I’ve tried to get people into shooting but the initial stages of my club with new members having them wait for two hours to shoot ten rounds of .22lr at a paper target while lying down just turns them off. Those who do stay on and get to do some practical shooting absolutely adore it. The reason why American gun culture is so influential is because first, they’re the biggest shooting culture in the world, and so will influence things due to their size and market share. Second, people interested in firearms see the videos online of Americans of all ages having FUN with their firearms and want to have FUN doing FUN things. Meanwhile they look at British shooting and see old men, lying down with rifles shooting at distant paper targets. Shooting at steels, reactive targets, doing practical stages, plinking, etc is far more interesting to the lay non-shooter than trying to get a small group on a paper target. Now, of course you need to have a period of education and training for new shooters to teach them the basic principles and how to handle firearms safely and I, personally, love doing target shooting where, as described, you shoot 12 rounds in two hours (in fact I’m looking to one day get into large calibre long range shooting where I may only shoot five rounds in two hours due to the expense…). However, if that was all that shooting had to offer, I probably wouldn’t go through the expense and the paperwork to do ONLY that when you could just do the same with an air rifle, by and large at 20 yards.


      1. Paul

        I feel for you, I really do. The whole point about shooting sports is, there’s something for everybody. The key is getting others hooked in the first place, using whatever discipline grabs them. For some it will be the pure accuracy bug hence small-bore benchrest and F-class, for others it is seeing a clay dusted. What is clear, is that for shooting to survive we need new blood and lots of it. Look around you when you are next out shooting; what is the average age? How long before we all shuffle off this mortal coil? Not that long I’ll wager. This is what the authorities want. That’s why they restricted open days to just twelve times a year. There is a deliberate effort being made to shut down shooting sports by drying up the flow of prospective participants. As the numbers dwindle the easier it gets to marginalise shooting sports and shut them dowm completely. What we need to counter this is more clubs and wider access to shooting in all its forms, so you don’t have newbies waiting for two hours to shoot ten rounds. I would go so far as to say that probationers should be given priority at every range.


  2. commonly called cosmin

    So at best he is a hypocrite since he is advertising a “black semi automatic firearm” at worst he is criticizing other disciplines and trying to divide the sport when more than ever we need to be united. I think a letter to Sporting Shooter magazine is in order explaining to them why you won’t be buying next moth’s issue.



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