NRA takes direct control of Bisley Pavilion

6 April 2016 – The National Rifle Association has taken direct control of Bisley Pavilion after incumbent operator Shaun Hopwood surrendered his lease early, the association has revealed.

“We are working up plans to bring the Pavilion to the fore for shooting at Bisley which will include exciting opportunities to develop new facilities for our members and visitors,” a statement signed by NRA chief exec Andrew Mercer and posted on the NRA website said.

It appears that anyone who has made an accommodation booking at the pavilion for the next few weeks will have it cancelled unless they confirm it with the NRA:

“Plans are progressing well to reopen the hotel accommodation in the next few days; all bookings need to be confirmed with the NRA Accommodation Staff prior to arrival. Arms fair traders and other regular users should contact Chris Dyers, Commercial and Operations Manager, to discuss their requirements,” said the NRA statement.

The Phoenix Arms Fair, due to take place at the same time as the NRA Phoenix Meeting, has reportedly been relocated to the Lord Roberts Centre.

UK Shooting News has heard from a number of whistleblowers that the NRA has been coveting the pavilion for years and trying to force Hopwood out.

A purported document leak a month or two ago revealed what appeared to be an ongoing legal battle being fought at Guildford county court, though the documents were not online for long enough to verify their provenance.

It is to be hoped that the NRA makes a better fist of managing the pavilion than it has of the Exhibition Hut, which, save an exterior coat of paint, has been derelict since the Muzzle Loaders’ Association of Great Britain was unceremoniously turfed out in 2013 as their lease expired.

5 thoughts on “NRA takes direct control of Bisley Pavilion

  1. Nick B

    that’s funny, I tried making a booking at the Pavillion on Monday to be told “we’re having a dispute with our landlord so I’m afraid we’re ceasing trading and can’t take your booking” ended up in Woking in a hotel there (which might or might not be a good thing!).


  2. Tim

    It’s a shame. Shaun made a brilliant job of running the Pavilion and its many events and shows. The NRA are a nightmare and are incapable of running Bisley effectively!


  3. Neil

    The NRA has already mucked up the Trade Fair .
    A table layout that makes no sense and makes it difficult for traders to watch their stock . Selling the same table space twice . Putting tables in a space that they said could not be used for “elf & safety” reasons.
    And lets not mention the rumour that traders must stop trading at 5-30 .
    Not sure if I will bother going this year .


    1. Rim

      I tried to book a couple tables and got told all the stands were booked

      I pointed out they had never told me they were running it and I’d only just found out! No response to this? So looks like I won’t be going!?

      Suspect this show is now dead!?



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