Essex men ‘shoot pet cat with .22″ rifle’ say police

6 May 2016 – Two Essex men have been caught on CCTV appearing to shoot a pet cat, stamp on the dying animal and then fling its mangled corpse into a field.

The East Anglian Daily Times reports that Roger, a 15 year old domestic cat whose owners live in Great Bentley, a village seven miles east of Colchester, was seen being killed on 20th April.

Roger’s apparent killers appear to be two men armed with at least one rifle. Police suggested in their press release to the newspaper that the rifle may have been a .22″.

The footage shows Roger being shot and collapsing before one of the men appears to stamp on his twitching body, seemingly crushing the life out of him. Later footage shows Roger’s body appearing to be thrown into a nearby field.

Police claimed that the men were in a “purpose built lamping vehicle”, though it looks like a standard Kubota light all-terrain vehicle with a lamp fixed to the top of the roll cage.

Anyone with information is asked to call PC Rebecca Hanlon at Clacton police station on the non-emergency 101 number.

4 thoughts on “Essex men ‘shoot pet cat with .22″ rifle’ say police

  1. James

    A 15yr old cat? Wow, what heros… Lets hope these nasty little cave dwellers get ID’d and they get a nice custodial and never have an FAC ever again. We don’t want them on the planet, WE are not those “people”.

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