Another day, another petition. This one’s on the EU de-ac ban

11 May 2016 – Someone has started yet another Parliamentary shooting petition, this time to do with deactivation standards imposed on us by the EU.

The petition, as published on the official Parliament petitions website, says:

Proposed legislation in the Policing and Crime Bill intends to enforce the application of a EU standard that will result in firearms previously deactivated to UK Home Office standards being classified as defectively deactivated. The EU standard is inferior to the UK standard and unnecessary here.

The UK standard of deactivation is acknowledged as the best in Europe, and makes it impossible to re-activate a firearm without completely rebuilding the weapon. Imposition of the EU standard in the UK is a complete waste of taxpayers money, is disrupting a process previously recognised by government as effective in taking live firearms out of circulation, and penalises owners by making it illegal to sell or transfer safe UK deactivated firearms that will be unfairly classified as ‘defective’.

At the time of writing 67 people had signed.

UK Shooting News’ author firmly believes petitions are a waste of time and are ignored by politicians regardless of how many signatures they get. While groups such as Firearms UK like to think petitions are an indicator of “unity” in the broader licensed firearms community, in reality they indicate little and achieve less.

If you want to be on a list along with the inevitable Michael Mouses and Hugh Jardons, feel free to sign it. Writing to MPs and engaging with them personally seems to be a more effective campaigning tactic, judging by the swing in political opinion over the EU gun ban.

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