Australian shooters call for repeal of .22 semi-auto ban

27 May 2016 – The Combined Firearms Council of the Australian state of Victoria is calling for that country’s .22 semi-auto ban to be repealed.

According to the Australian Weekly Times, council president Bill Paterson said: “We are saying it should be reviewed — they are a pest-mitigation gun and if you look through the history, you do not find people using .22s as assault guns. They are more of a tool.”

The council said it has written to the local police commissioner and will now be raising the matter with the Justice Department and looking for support from local politicians.

Australia’s firearms laws are particularly restrictive after a nationwide knee-jerk reaction to the Port Arthur murders, when 35 people were killed by a mentally subnormal man who obtained a self-loading rifle. Australia responded by banning semi-auto rifles, semi-auto shotguns and pump action shotguns.

2 thoughts on “Australian shooters call for repeal of .22 semi-auto ban

  1. 308Ray

    It’s virtually de rigueur to have a 22 or a 410 behind the kitchen door on any farm in this country, ready to deal with any feral that shows up around the home paddock; fox, rabbit, particularly rabbits because they have now developed resistance to Calici Virus. Large warrens are re-developing and a self-load 22 is, once again, a necessity.
    Interesting note: In the last few weeks NSW has allowed the use of sound attenuators (shhh! don’t say “silencer”, it will upset the warm and cuddlie’s who get their firearms expertise from US cop shows) and there hasn’t been a peep from the anti’s.


  2. Chris Kinealy

    Once again law abiding people are being punished because of the actions of a criminal who would never have obtained any gun licence anway. Handguns were banned in the UK twenty years ago and, as we all know armed crime with hanguns has INCREASED since then.
    If banning things worked then we would have no crime.



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