Cats Protection League launches ‘ban airguns’ campaign

27 May 2016 – The Cats Protection League is calling for a ban on private airgun ownership, using a straw poll of vets as evidence to support its position.

The charity’s ‘advocacy manager’, one Jacqui Cuff, has been busy supplying quotes to large numbers of Britain’s local and regional newspapers, as well as the Daily Express, in support of a Scottish-style blanket airgun ban, if Google is to be believed.

The inevitable petition has been started, which bodes well for the licensed firearms community because, as we know, politicians invariably ignore petitions outright and even the public has stopped caring about them.

A quote attributed to Cuff, and published in the Abergavenny Chronicle, reads: “We are calling for much stricter regulation on the ownership of air guns, as we strongly believe this will help to protect cats and other animals from these shocking attacks, and avoid air guns falling into the wrong hands. We want to see England and Wales following the example of Scotland, where from next year it will be illegal to own an air gun without a licence.”

The Scottish airgun ban came about after a toddler was shot dead by a drug dealer who illegally obtained an airgun. The court that convicted him heard that he told a friend he regularly used it to shoot passers-by, an activity that has been a criminal offence since the invention of the airgun.

The new laws in Scotland will make no difference to the number of illegal misuses of airguns and even the Scottish police force is opposed to its introduction. The Scottish National Socialists insisted on legislating anyway, ignoring their own police and 87% of the Scottish public.

4 thoughts on “Cats Protection League launches ‘ban airguns’ campaign

  1. Mark Simpkins

    I think that it was inevitable that someone was going to call for a Airgun ban in England and Wales after the ban in Scotland. However if this genuinely being driven by the Cat protection league or another organisation such as the gun. Control Network (which would not surprise me), and let us not forget that the Cat protection league do excellent work. Myself having two cats. They can cause considerable damage to shooting sports as they will certainly play on people’s emotions. We need to carefully monitor this and where possible respond in a calm manor also write the Cat protection league.


  2. 308ray

    Cat owners must keep their animals contained, cats kill all manner of small fauna. Several new suburbs being developed on the urban-greenbelt interface fringe around Canberra are Declared Cat Containment Zones. Cats are feral animals, there is steady and positive action to destroy any feral.


  3. Jerry

    Greetings from the New World!
    I like cats. There’s one curled up in “his” box under my right elbow as I write, and another has wended his way among the merlins and crenels on the table to my lap, after finding “his” box full of Cat. A third is wrapped ’round my shoulders, purring in one ear and farting in the other. Trespassing neighborhood cats and ferals come through the cat door and help themselves to the free-choice food I leave out for these three. They are fully aware of the fact they are poaching on Ol’ Fluffy’s turf.
    I have a “Sharpshooter” rubber band powered “pistol” that throws a #6 birdshot with enough accuracy to kill houseflies at 15 feet. It doesn’t shoot hard enough to make a mark or cause the slightest pain when shot against the tender back of my own hand, as I often do to demonstrate its lack of lethality against anything greater than a fly or mosquito. Perhaps it is a defect in my character but I have no real compunction about killing flies and mosquitoes; they both spread disease among us. I know it’s tough, being born a fly or a mosquito, but that’s the way it is.
    The Black Cat, The Orange Cat, (S)’Tinky and Tigger II often pay a visit while I am up late o’ nights. They volubly dispute “our” cats’ rights, privilege, dominion and territory around the house. Ol’ Fluffy defends her turf with all the power of claw and fang, waking up my wife. If I, using the Sharpshooter, reach into the kitchen with a #6 birdshot and so much as touch the guard hairs of these wanderers, they consider this house to be guarded by an evil old magician and they do not return. Mind this: they have experienced no pain. They have only been touched by something they do not understand. They leave, peace returns, and my cost of cat food is cut to a third of its former rate.
    Visiting pain, discouragement, discomfort, damage and death upon anyone or any creature is neither fun nor is it funny. Yes, I will shoo or lead a fly out of the house at times. I will paper and carry a spider out the door. But unlike spiders and flies, cats can be taught not to enter where they are not welcome.
    I once counted 75 ways I have to throw a bullet. I enjoy target shooting with Olympic air pistols, 1000 yard shooting with high powered rifles, sporting clays and skeet with the shotguns, and precision bench-rest shooting on the 100 yard line. I no longer hunt game for the table. Nor do I seek out loud noises. Moderators are foolishly regulated, controlled, taxed, and even banned in some parts of my country, and the resultant noise gives the anti’s a further toe-hold for trying to ban the guns. Neither my guns nor my automobile, my tools nor my sports, cause damage, discomfort, harm nor discouragement to anyone.
    The Bible says “Inasmuch as within you is possible, live at peace with all men.” In that, I find Peace and Freedom. For the inherently unhappy activist, that is not enough. Rather, he is driven to complain and to control the lives of others in greater and finer detail, until he becomes the neighborhood Nazi. As such, it is this activist who needs to be recognized, confronted, and corrected, in order that all the rest of us can live in peace with our neighbors.



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