Reality TV actor cautioned for waving airgun in public

1 June 2016 – Someone from TV show Geordie Shore has been arrested and cautioned by police for possessing an air gun in a public place.

Scotty T, real name Scott Timlin, 28, of Newcastle, was dealt with by police on Monday night, according to The Sun.

Tweets from the time are said to indicate that Timlin had what appears to have been an air pistol or CO2 pistol with him in the street and was using it as a prop while he took selfies with fans.

The paper also reported that police took advantage of his arrest to search Timlin’s home while he was imprisoned in their cells.

Although the Police and Criminal Evidence Act has a clear procedure for police to apply for a warrant to search premises, a legal loophole allows police to avoid this by simply arresting the person whose belongings they want to trawl through. They then have the power to search the victim’s property, though an internal process where the police authorise themselves to go ahead with what they want to do anyway has to be gone through, we’re told.

There is no indication the police search turned up anything unlawful.

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