Is Barclays Bank taking aim at target shooting clubs?

7th June 2016 – Reports have reached UK Shooting News that Barclays Bank is “randomly surveying” rifle clubs – and demanding they hand over lists of members’ names and addresses.

A post on the ever-popular UK Fullbore Target Rifle Facebook page alerting the licensed firearms community to the bank’s activity says, in part, the bank demanded from a club official “all the names of my club members names and addresses and wanted to see my home office certification and FACs”.

As press offices don’t normally bother offering a comment of any value on stories such as this at their outset – it’s either a dismissal or a polite denial – there’s not much point in UKSN asking Barclays what’s going on.

Affected Barclays customers, however, may wish to take the bank to task.

Have you been targeted by your bank, or has your club been subject to inappropriate demands? You can contact UKSN’s author in confidence from the link above.

12 thoughts on “Is Barclays Bank taking aim at target shooting clubs?

  1. CJ

    Pretty sure that would be a breach of Data Protection/privacy not to mention a bloody serious breach of security for all those FAC holders concerned…


  2. Katherine Griffiths A.I.L.S.

    The club would need the written permission if each member of ther club before they can disclose details otherwise it would be a breach of the Data Protection Act


  3. JR

    If correct it is at least overt. Similar info would be available from an analysis of any clubs bank account where subs are paid by cheque or BACS transfer. Such analysis could be done without our knowledge.


  4. James

    One Club i am in does use Barclays. I contacted them tonight and asked if they had been approached, they said they had not. I will post here if we do get such a request from them. I will also be complaining to Barclays directly about this if it does indeed happen.

    If this is true, this sets another nasty precedent.

    Aside from the Data Protection breach, Imagine an unsuspecting Club being duped into handing out details such as this to a terrorist merely pertaining to be Barclays staff 😦


  5. James

    Just another thought, could this be another example of so called ethical banking, i.e. Barclays are surveying for numbers to determine how much business is coming their way from the shooting clubs in the UK in order to make an educated decision based on some kind of averages?

    I’m still stunned about this, surely it cannot be true?


  6. Jerry

    From across the Pond …
    People out here in the West would meet such a request with a demand that Barclays surrender a list of all their depositors and borrowers, followed by legal action and an avalanche of publicity. We have a statewide gun rights organization that takes no prisoners on such matters. Even so, we are presently at a very real risk of having another President who is, at heart, not an American.


    1. Paul

      You are surely not refering to an individual with the surname, Clinton? Would American’s be that stupid to vote for such a person? Hopefully not.


  7. Solidslug

    I forgot to ask the ibvious question : why?

    Why did Barclays demand all this information? Do they make the same random requests of health clubs..? Or any club with members? If not f#%k ’em

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  8. James

    A second Club of which I am a member of is also with Barclays, same with them – no approach from Barclays as yet. Plenty of Data Protection worries from both (and neither will surrender such data anyway). Who the hell do Barclays think they are??!?



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