Guns stolen near Sunderland – details

10th June 2016 – A burglar has stolen a .22 rifle, an over-and-under shotgun and a section 1 shotgun from an unfortunate certificate holder in Herrington, south of Sunderland.

The local paper reports: “It happened between 5pm on Saturday, June 4, and 9.15am this morning in West Park, in Herrington. The offender broke in, found keys to a gun cabinet and stole weapons [sic] that were inside.”

The guns’ details are:

  • .22″ CZ452 bolt action rifle, serial number 71A477, with a sound moderator
  • Hatsan semi automatic shotgun, serial number 393314
  • 12 bore Lanber double barrelled over-and-under shotgun, serial number 278006
  • Webley Vulcan air rifle with scope and moderator

Anyone in the area with knowledge of the crime, or who is offered any firearm or shotgun matching these descriptions, should telephone Northumbria Police on the 101 non-emergency number, quoting reference 208 060616.

3 thoughts on “Guns stolen near Sunderland – details

    1. Mr Smith

      Does not matter where the keys were in his house,
      they were in his house, that is safe enough. he could have had them round his neck, but been over powered and still had guns stolen.
      “A man can run no further than his castle”
      he was not in the wrong, only the thief is in the wrong here.

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