Police were called to BASC HQ after all, it emerges

15 June 2016 – A local paper has confirmed that police were called to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s North Wales HQ at Marford Mill.

A brief report from the North Wales Post, dated two weeks ago, has the details.

A spokesman for North Wales Police told the paper: “We were called by staff at BASC at around 5.00pm. There was concern that there might be a breach of the peace regarding a civil matter. Officers attended and the matter was resolved.”

A spokesman for BASC told the Post: “There are issues relating to staffing at BASC and to protect people’s rights we are not able to say any more at this time.”

This comes after BASC, out of the blue, decided to tell the world “nobody has been arrested” a few weeks ago.

Alan Jarrett recently resigned as BASC chairman, along with three members of BASC’s governing council. There is no suggestion Jarrett’s actions are related to police attendance at Marford Mill in any way.

Noted shooting barrister Peter Glenser is interim chairman of the association. A meeting of BASC’s council is due to be held this Saturday to elect a permanent chairman.


This is all very unseemly, isn’t it?

UKSN hopes that the internal troubles of BASC won’t distract it from the EU gun ban fight – or, failing that, that the good people at the Countryside Alliance can keep the pressure up.

3 thoughts on “Police were called to BASC HQ after all, it emerges

  1. Eddie

    I am no fan of basc, but they never disputed the fact the police were called, and only stated that no arrests were made, which is true.


  2. Herdwick

    We already know the key facts: ie that the former chairman resigned, as did two other council members, and that an interim chairman was elected unanimously to serve until this weekend’s AGM, when elections to permanent office will take pace. We know this – and the identities of those concerned – because of information released by BASC. We also know that three employees were suspended (one of whom then resigned). In order that suspended employees’ rights are protected, a sensible employer will be circumspect in what is says until any investigation is completed and due process has been followed. That’s not being coy; it’s being fair.



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