Vote Leave: UK Shooting News supports Brexit

16 June 2016 – With a week to go until polling day, UK Shooting News presents five reasons for readers to vote to leave the European Union.

1. Stop the EU gun ban affecting us. As chronicled on UKSN over the last 8 months, EU bureaucrats – aided and abetted by UK Home Secretary Theresa May and her civil servants – have been trying to ban semi-auto firearms and magazines. Voting to Leave would stop the EU gun ban from taking direct effect in the UK because we wouldn’t be subject to it.

2. Make our rulers answer to us, not others. The EU gun ban is being imposed on us by unelected Brussels bureaucrats and foreign politicians appointed by people in other countries. We are outnumbered 27 to 1 at EU level and there’s little you or I can do to influence the lawmakers. On the rare occasions (72 out of 2,500+) when the British government has voted against incoming EU diktats, we lost each and every time.

3. Stop our politicians from using the EU to evade being held to account. The British government is a very quiet but very strong supporter of the EU’s diktats. Our politicians and civil servants go to Brussels, endorse the nonsense spouted there, then come back to Britain wringing their hands and saying there’s nothing they can do – if they even bother acknowledging it. Leaving the EU would force them to face us, the public, each and every time they want to pass a new law that affects us.

4. Have direct access to your lawmakers by voting Leave. The EU will only engage with large lobby groups and ignores everyone else. This is why BASC and the Countryside Alliance had to form the UK branch of FACE, the EU-wide pro-shooting campaign group, to oppose the EU gun ban. You, as an individual voter, will be ignored if you try and write to EU lawmakers at the EU Commission. Sure, you can write to MEPs – but did you know that you don’t actually elect ‘your’ MEP? In the EU system you vote for a political party, and the party chooses which individuals will sit in the seats the party wins. In Britain you vote for an individual, not a political grouping who don’t answer to you.

5. Freedom to strike our own international trade deals. With EU bureaucracy and barriers to external trade out of the way, we should see an end to the silly $=£ pricing of many overseas shooting components.

Freedom is a precious thing, and the main reason I’m voting Leave. I own a couple of .303″ Enfield rifles, a SMLE and a No.4. They are both of wartime production, in their respective eras. The men issued these rifles were told they were fighting for the freedom of others. The freedom to elect your own rulers. Freedom from tyranny and dictatorship, and the freedom of national self-determination – to be your own people, make your own laws, live your own lives in peace. Good men died in their millions to preserve this noble aim, and it is directly because of my grandfather’s generation’s sacrifices that I have the freedom to write this today.

These rifles are more than just tools that project a bullet down the range. They are historical artefacts that remind me exactly what it comes down to when freedom is threatened by military force. Whenever I cut my thumb on a charger clip, mis-set my sights or accidentally cause a rim lock in the magazine, I swear to myself – and, if I’m feeling philosophical, I wonder how I’d have coped if I did the same thing on the battlefields of northern France, weighed down by a ton of kit and with return fire coming my way.

While the EU hasn’t yet proposed banning Lee Enfields, or other magazine-fed bolt action rifles, it is only a matter of time, and the antis have their tentacles embedded deep within the EU’s structures. Nobody would have believed our rulers, even the EU ones, would ever seriously try to ban rifle, pistol and shotgun magazines and yet here we are now, figuring out how to prevent that.

If you think they will stop and leave us alone after banning semi-auto firearms and magazines capable of holding 21 rounds+, you’re wrong. History teaches us that power-hungry authoritarians only ever make bigger demands when they win whatever it is they’re chasing at the moment – be that a ban on your sporting equipment, increased powers for themselves, less accountability to you, or whatever.

That EU desire for power and control over you applies to all areas of our lives, not just our shooting sports and our livelihoods. Many are happy with having the minute details of their lives run, regulated and controlled by others in a distant land. I am not, and I fervently hope enough of my fellow Britons think the same way.

Today the greatest threat to our freedom to live as we choose is not military. It is political. Next week is the one and only chance we will ever have to stop that threat.

Vote Leave on 23rd June.

of course, there are plenty of other non-shooting reasons to vote Leave, but this is, after all, a shooting blog.

23 thoughts on “Vote Leave: UK Shooting News supports Brexit

  1. Vince Jary

    yes, you are right,
    they would not treat me this way if I was of a different race, religion or sexuality, or even if I had some strange plague,
    and yet they fear me as if I have two heads and was a child eater.
    Why I ask, because I shoot.
    I can not, when ever I hear the word Euro, get the over powering image of striped pyjamas out of my head.
    Out? its a given.


  2. Paul

    My vote on the 23rd is firmly OUT, as are the votes of my wife, five daughters and their respective husbands. 12 out votes in one family. Let us try to replicate this far and wide.


  3. Jason

    I’m what you might call an immigrant (though I prefer the term expatriate). I’ve lived in the UK for 9 years. I have a well paid job and I have a second volunteer job as well. I work in the EU during the week, returning to the UK for the weekend so I can spend time with my family. If the UK leaves the EU, it’s suddenly going to be a lot harder for me to continue with my current job, which I really enjoy. Whilst I disagree with the EU gun ban, I cannot agree with the Leave campaigns mantra that (1) immigrants are horrible and ruining the country (and the really nasty xenophobia that seems to accompany this) and (2) that leaving the EU will suddenly make the UK economy better, even when every expert on the matter says otherwise. So, I’m voting to Remain and I hope to God that the majority of the country does too.


    1. TIM

      I can completely understand your viewpoint, and as a democratic nation you are perfectly entitled to have your own views and I respect that. I would like to think that your comments reference item 1 are not actually true in the main, although it has to be accepted that ALL nations will have individuals at the fringe. It is not all of the EU fault, their are many things to address within the UK however for many years folks have been expressing concerns about the whole sustainability thing and have been very unjustly “labeled” . Once again…not the EU but British Government. It needs to have a pregnant pause as it were to sort it all out, and if the EU can’t facilitate (and they were asked) then something has to give.
      The most revealing thing for me was actually the EU actions on the firearms controls, immediate action against their own citizens. And for your own information, I do not own or shoot firearms. But I did serve for 22 years and damned if I spent my life defending this.
      I wish you well and stay safe


  4. commonlycalledcosmin

    I think people nowadays exactly like the poster above are just so selfish and only think of the reasons in which they themselves will be affected. They do not see that maybe 10 years down the line there will not effectively be a Great Britain left since it would have been disbanded, ignored and wiped from legislative existence. This is bigger than my selfish reason to leave or your selfish reason to remain, it is about the future fate of a country which has stood for better or for worse for hundreds of years.


    1. Jason

      Did you not consider that if there is a vote to leave, that Great Britain will very likely cease to exist as the pro Europe Scots will call a new referendum on the union, which will very likely pass this time?

      Did you not consider that every major economist and world leader believes exiting would be a mistake?

      Have you not looked at the benefits of being an integral voting member of one of the world’s largest trading blocs?

      Does the relationship and governance of the EU need work. Of course it does, but the way to do this is to take it seriously and do something about it, not flee when the going gets tough. Did you vote for your MEP, and did you take ththem to task about their responsibilities, or were you one of the majority that didn’t vote and now complain about it?


      1. Paul

        Jason, name the irressistible benefits you claim eminate from the EU and let us compare your arguments with the counter argument. Surely, all on this group recognise the recent example of the EU sneak gun ban as a prime example of the intent of the EU to evolve into a dictatorship? This dictatorship of unelected, unaccountable priviledged few that has honed itself into this tyranny of bureaucracy that is the EU. Forget for a moment the issues of trade, the economy, immigration … they all pale into insignificance against the primary issue. Democracy is that fundamental issue! Our ancestors have paid in blood and treasure to protect the rights of men and we still pay to this date to repay the loans to redeem Europe – not once, but twice. God forbid, that our children should ever have to pay that price again. For me the time to leave the party is long overdue. The drunks are in control and their outpouring of vomit is just too much to bear.


    1. Jason

      This was a tragic event, which brings back into focus this countries attitude towards mental illness. Saying every Brexiter is a homicidal murdering nutter isn’t something I’ve seen in any media, if you could provide a link when making inflammatory statements, that’ll be great.


  5. Ed McBain

    I’m one of those simple souls that will vote leave but cannot see the reasoning behind the claims that we will have to chuck out the baby with the bath water if we leave the EU.
    Apparently, according to ‘experts’ if / when we leave the EU we will suddenly have zero protection for employees, all our foreign nurses / doctors will have to go and we will be on the brink of disaster with not even adequate supplies of toilet paper to sustain us.

    Maybe, because I’m not an ‘expert’, it is too much like common sense to expect that we could keep all the good bits of EU of employment law and simply tweak the text / bodies responsible for enforcing it as required?

    Given citizens of Europe have established themselves in each others’ countries is there some pressing reason that we cannot accept that those that are here already carry on as usual – and this is extended to those already in the process of moving here for work or whatever?
    And can we not take the same attitude with everything arising from the EU that we find useful?

    As for trade – we buy more from Europe than we sell to them – are foreign businesses really going to cut their own noses off to spite their faces – or are they more likely to do what rational people do and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement?

    I don’t think most people intending to vote leave have any problem with genuine EU migration within our borders – providing it is kept within sensible proportions. What most people are concerned about are the porous borders of Europe being continually breached by illegal immigrants with no check on their history or intent coming to our own shores and posing a threat in terms of crime / terrorism / using up resources they have not contributed to.

    If this heightened concern regarding the threat of terrorism has impacted on the attitudes of citizens intending to vote leave in the referendum then the government has nobody to blame but themselves. Whenever this or the previous government have set about taking yet more of our privacy and civil liberties away from us they have cited the threat of terrorism as the reason for doing so.
    That monster they have kept in the cupboard to scare us with for so many years has now come out to bite them on the arse.

    The EU elite wouldn’t have found themselves in this mess had they been accountable to their citizens and actually bothered to listen to them. All dictatorships come to an end eventually, fortunately the EU’s end is in sight.


  6. James

    Well it certainly hasn’t done The Swiss any harm being out of the EU. Is it 5, or 6 times the GDP of the UK, I forget? 🙂


  7. Richard

    The economists and politicians who say it would be an economic disaster for the UK leave the EU are the very same ones that said it would be an economic disaster for the UK to leave the European Exchange Rate Mechanism back in the early 90’s.
    Being in it was an utter disaster and we had to leave eventually. Following our exit from the ERM the UK economy witnessed a long spell of growth. So leaving was not not such a disaster then.
    Only one way to vote. OUT.


    1. Steve

      And 15 months later, arguments like this have been shown to be the nonsense they were. The UK Govt. is in total disarray, Sterling has plummeted in value, and the EU clearly holds the stronger bargaining position. All of which was entirely predictable. The utter disaster was voting to leave.


  8. Steve

    You destroyed your own argument in the first paragraph – it’s always been the British Govt. which is the threat to shooting in the UK, not the EU. Without being in the EU, the Home Office is free to cook up whatever they want to do, which has just been proven by the latest consultation paper. The reality is that the new Directive was effectively lobbied against, because gun owners are better organised in the EU. You lose one of the best arguments against more laws by leaving the EU, because now you can’t point out that other EU countries have less restrictive laws by comparison. It’s also going to be much harder to move around the EU with firearms, because the UK will no longer be part of the European Firearms Pass.



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