Apple lobbied against Olympic target shooting emojis

20 June 2016 – Apple reportedly lobbied hard against the introduction of target shooting emojis to coincide with the Olympics, according to The Sun.

The tabloid’s rather mangled story does have most of the bare facts right, in that Apple, along with Microsoft, fought hard to prevent young people from being able to use the sports-related emojis in messages.

It claims this is because the US firm’s executives thought the tiny icons would encourage gun violence.

The emojis in question were of a target rifle and a small figure firing a pistol.

Older readers (!) may be unaware of what emojis are. They are little icons used in text messaging apps to spice up conversation, like a smiley [ 🙂 ] but with far more variation. For some reason lots of people who call themselves technology journalists get very worked up about new emojis being made available – or not available, as the case may be.

4 thoughts on “Apple lobbied against Olympic target shooting emojis

  1. Solidslug

    I despair…

    Soon, they’ll be purging the English language of shooting derived phrases, just in case someone becomes offended/given temporary ptsd by the term “bullseye”



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