Britain votes to leave the EU

24 June 2016 – Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a tense and febrile campaign, with 52% of voters in favour of exiting the bloc.

Many expected the Remain campaign to edge a narrow victory and today Britain wakes up in shock and surprise, with many Remain politicians expressing horror and dismay on the broadcast news media this morning.

The winning margin – 51.9% leave to 48.1% remain – is slim. On a 72% turnout, however, as BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg put it, it will be impossible for anyone to claim there is no mandate for change.

16.1 million voted to remain in the EU, while 17.4 million voted to leave. Britain’s shooters, who number around a million, therefore played a vital part in yesterday’s decision.

The EU has been trying to impose a ban on semi-automatic firearms and even magazines for the last few months, and it is likely that its machinations directly influenced the shooting vote towards Leave.


I’m off to celebrate for the next three days!

Thank you to all Leave voters. We have scored a historic victory against the unelected, unaccountable elite in Brussels. They must now change and adapt for their project to survive, as we must be gracious and welcoming in victory – and sharp in negotiations – with them.

Normal news service on UKSN will resume next week.

3 thoughts on “Britain votes to leave the EU

  1. Andy J

    So where does that leave the Policing & Crime Bill that’s going through Parliament? That contains the enabling mechanism of implementing the EU directive on de-activation into British law, but as we’ve now voted to disconnect ourselves from the EU, what would be the point and would it be valid?
    Logically, our specifications for de-acts would remain but I bet they leave in the ban on offering for sale by some means or other and you still won’t be able to take anything abroad.



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