David Cameron resigns as prime minister

24 June 2016 – David Cameron has just announced he is resigning as prime minister after losing the EU referendum vote.

He did not set a precise timetable but said he would be out of office by October, the Tory party conference. He said the next leader of the Conservatives would have the responsibility of triggering Article 50, the UK’s formal exit from the EU.

Before the referendum Cameron promised to remain in office and invoke Article 50 immediately.

2 thoughts on “David Cameron resigns as prime minister

  1. Paul

    Is the real reason he is waiting to trigger Article 50 is that he is really hoping for some last minute ‘white knight’ offers from the EU or Frau Merkel? Or is it that in the intervening three months the Ms. May and the EU will be enacting the firearms legislation? Forgive me for being just a little a bit cynical.


    1. TIM

      UK will be part of EU for at least 2 years hence. Articles have suggested that their will be no relaxation of EU laws or commitments until the article 50 period has been completed.
      EU have made it very clear no further negotiation, and, have further stated that any terms negotiated by Cameron prior to the vote are now null and void.
      Triggering of article 50 is for the nation leaving to implement, not the EU. So in theory we could wait 2 years and really wind them up but this would be facile. It makes sense that new leadership is put in place and a strategy decided upon.
      Mr Cameron in my mind was exceptionally foolish in his stance, he was meant to be the leader, ergo he should have retained the moral center ground whilst moderating the comments of the opposing factions. He then would have had a leg to stand on. He did however nail his flag to a mast.
      One personal opinion is that in no way should Teresa May be prime minister. She has shown her true sense of self by hiding and attempting to avoid fall out. She would have been far better to have had a voice and acted as a moderator if she had true doubts about statements. No doubt in an attempt to gain pole position. The very essence of the type of politician we need to get rid of and avoid.



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