Countryside Alliance: #EUgunban may become UK law after all

30 June 2016 – The Countryside Alliance has warned that despite Britain’s vote to leave the EU last week, the EU gun ban diktat may be foisted on us after all.

In a detailed brief about the effects of Brexit on shooting and the countryside, the CA says:

The UK has some of the most stringent and respected firearms laws in the world, in many cases exceeding the requirements of the European Firearms Directive. The Countryside Alliance will continue to work on the changes currently proposed to the Firearms Directive, as this process will certainly be concluded within the next two years and are likely to be implemented in UK law. As always our position will remain that any further legislation from Europe needs to include a full impact assessment and must not negatively affect legal UK shooters. Brexit will have no impact on our lobbying of the Government through the Policing and Crime Bill to improve our domestic firearms legislation, irrespective of the proposed European changes.

This awful news is followed up with the continued spectre of a lead ban foisted on us from the EU, in the CA’s words:

It is still, and will remain for a while, unknown as to whether the continued use of lead ammunition will be restricted by the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) process and the European Chemicals Agency. Regardless of our relationship with the European Union any restriction on the manufacture of lead ammunition across Europe will have a massive knock on effect in the UK, leading to issues of import of ammunition and increased domestic pressure for a ban. For this reason the Alliance will continue to work as part of FACE (European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation), using scientific evidence to argue that there are currently no grounds for further restrictions on lead ammunition at the European or domestic level.

What more can we do? We voted to leave this octopus and still its tentacles wrap themselves around our necks.

3 thoughts on “Countryside Alliance: #EUgunban may become UK law after all

  1. James

    Based on Mr. Kerrys recent comments post Brexit, i suspect the US will prevent us ever leaving. But where does that leave “democracy” one wonders????


  2. commonlycalledcosmin

    So how could we withdraw ourselves from such agreements which clearly apply to us but we clearly haven’t democratically voted on? The reality is that only countries with a high number of resources can be truly independent, like Russia, Iran, other countries might have an illusion of independence but in principle it does not exist.



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