Job vacancy for ballistics expert, £33k – £38k

30 June 2016 – A Midlands vacancy has opened up for a ballistics expert.

According to the job description, applicants will “provide expert ballistics knowledge in the delivery of products and services by using tool mark comparison systems, Microscopy and IBIS technologies, together with firearms legislation,” as well as ensuring the delivery of “services in line with published customer Service Level Agreements and national performance criteria”.

Additional duties include “making safe firearms submitted to the Unit to prevent accidental discharges” and undertaking “responsibility for safety, certification and storage of all firearms and associated exhibits / documentation”.

The post holder, who will be paid between £33k and £38k, will also “liaise with firearm experts from forces, other agencies and defence experts as required” and “keep up-to-date on technical developments by attending meetings, seminars, exhibitions (both in the UK and abroad) and reading technical/trade journals,” amongst many other specified duties. Successful applicants will be employees of Greater Manchester Police for legal and admin purposes.

Interested? Just pop on over to the NABIS website to apply!

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