Home Office has just outlawed Waidwerk blank firing revolvers

30 June 2016 – BASC is warning that the Waidwerk blank-firing revolver, commonly used for launching dog training dummies, has just been outlawed.

The .380 blank-firing revolver has 5 chambers and its frame is typically painted red. A picture of it, along with the dummy, can be seen here.

The power to outlaw particular imitation firearms rests with the Home Secretary, who typically delegates that power to civil servants who act on the advice of the police.

Matt Perring, BASC’s senior firearms officer, warned in a press release issued today: “The pistol is designed to launch a dummy into the air for a dog to retrieve, but they look so similar to a real firearm as to be classed as an imitation firearm under UK law. This imitation firearm has been deemed ‘readily convertible’ within the meaning of the Firearms Act 1982. Accordingly, due to its size, it is regarded as a prohibited weapon following the handgun ban introduced by the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997.”

“The acquisition, possession, importation, sale or purchase of such items is prohibited and attracts a mandatory five- year prison sentence under the Criminal Justice Act 2003,” added Perring.

Peter Glenser, BASC chairman and a barrister specialising in firearms law, said: “The police have so far taken a pragmatic response in relation to the dummy launchers already in the country. But people should be in no doubt the risk of prosecution is very real should there be further transgressions. The law is very strong in this area.”

BASC adds that the National Crime Agency are now scanning inbound parcels at Royal Mail’s international postal hub.

3 thoughts on “Home Office has just outlawed Waidwerk blank firing revolvers

  1. Jerry

    Such foolish laws! I wonder at the mentality and perspective of anybody who might consider this item to be some kind of Boogeyman. Are they paranoid? Or obsessed? Either way, they are not healthy nor clear-headed and should not be making decisions regarding Public Safety.



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