Theresa May stands for Tory party leadership

30 June 2016 – Home Secretary Theresa May, who was one of the strongest supporters of the EU gun ban in the EU Council, has announced she is running to become leader of the Conservatives.

This bodes ill for the shooting sports as May has been pushing hard at EU level for the gun ban plan’s less sane proposals, including semi-auto bans and pistol bans.

May has the support of the media, judging by coverage of her campaign launch this morning, and her full speech prompted agreeable murmurs from reporters at the scene.

May has also been a staunch supporter of the Snooper’s Charter, currently before Parliament. The Investigatory Powers Bill, to give it its full title, will allow ordinary policemen to spy on your mobile phone data and internet usage without seeking permission, as is the case at present.

Other declared Tory leadership candidates at the time of writing include Stephen Crabb, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and Liam Fox.

11 thoughts on “Theresa May stands for Tory party leadership

    1. Gaz Corfield Post author

      Good question, needs quite a lot of research to figure out as none of them have really been near the shooting sports in any way, as far as I know. Once the dust settles and it’s clear who’s in and who’s out of the race, I’ll write more.


      1. Mr.Smith

        Probably Fox best for shooting sports, he voted for the ban in 1997 however when I met him after that he did say it was a mistake to be so hard, as for repealing, he needs certain parts twisted.


    2. DNACowboy

      The person we really needed was ‘our Nige’, he wants to repeal certain bans on liberty grounds, stating the media and political knee-jerk conflation between law-abiding sportsmen/women and historic acts of violence by mentally unwell individuals was wrong in so many ways.


  1. Nick B

    Theresa May is my last choice out of that bunch. To be fair to her – she seems to have been employed in more prominent roles and has more experience than the other contenders – but her stance as regards our sport is enough to turn me against.

    Gove could be interesting – I can see why he might appeal more to those than Boris (those who consider him a buffoon).

    Nicky Morgan – pfah – no chance – to paraphrase Nigel “who are you?”

    The others – not really worth the effort to consider – so for me it’s a 3 horse race between Boris, May and Gove.


  2. Nick B

    And now it’s down to Gove and May then – can’t see Fox, Crab or Morgan doing anything – not enough of a profile / experience – and Boris appears now to be playing a very long game…..



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