Bristol baby shot in head with air rifle

4 July 2016, updated – A baby was shot in the head with an air rifle on Saturday. Two adults have been charged with causing grevious bodily harm.

The boy, named as 18 month old Harry Studley, was shot in the back of the head at Oak House, a high rise block flats in the Hartcliffe area of Bristol, according to the Bristol Post.

Police were called at 4pm. The boy was rushed to Bristol Children’s Hospital and was described as fighting for his life.

A neighbour told the Bristol Post: “We’ve heard that if he lives, he will be brain-damaged for the rest of his life.”

Another claimed that a number of cars in the immediate area had been damaged by air rifle pellets.

Jordan Walters, 24, and Emma Jane Horseman, 23, of Bishport Avenue, Bristol, have both been charged with causing grievous bodily harm and were remanded in custody, according to the BBC. They are appearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court today.

Harry’s parents, Amy Allen and Edward Studley, issued a statement through police that they wanted their privacy to be respected while they “focus on our son Harry’s recovery”.

Update – Sky News reports that Walters has pleaded guilty.

4 thoughts on “Bristol baby shot in head with air rifle

  1. Nick B

    I know – make it illegal to shoot babies in the head – that will stop this sort of thing….

    You literally can’t legislate against human stupidity


  2. Anthony Chappell

    Poor kid I hope he pulls through and that his injuries aren’t as bad as previously thought . These scumbags deserve some life changing severe treatment and a hard lifetime behind bars.



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