Andrea Leadsom won’t change firearms licensing system

8th July 2016 – Tory party leadership challenger Andrea Leadsom has told the Countryside Alliance she has “no plans to change the current regime” of firearms control in the UK.

CA chairman Simon Hart MP wrote to Leadsom and her rival, front-runner Theresa May, asking them a number of questions about rural affairs, including firearms licensing.

As well as saying she won’t change the current licensing system – which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your view – Leadsom also supports foxhunting, opposes allowing future EU firearms diktats to affect the British shooting sports and the newly-announced legal right to 10Mbps broadband connections.

Full details are available on the Countryside Alliance website.

1 thought on “Andrea Leadsom won’t change firearms licensing system

  1. commonlycalledcosmin

    I hope that anyone who is a member of the Conservative party and has got guns, takes these important point before casting their vote for conservative leader. On the one side you have the pro countryside, pro shooting Andrea Leadsome(even her name has LEAD in it). On the other side, you have Theresa “I want to ban scary assault rifles” May, but hey don’t let my view influence you. Just consider that with which of these 2 people do you view your sport and hobby being safe and potentially growing?



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