BASC publishes new guide to firearms law for the ordinary shooter

12 July 2016 – BASC’s respected director of firearms, Bill Harriman, has released a book about firearms licensing law.

Harriman said, in a BASC press release: “The aim of this book is to provide readers with a digest of all the law governing country shooting. I have quoted what the law actually says, coupled with a sustainable interpretation of what I think it means and what people should avoid.

“In my experience, shooting people have lots of misconceptions about the laws regulating their sport. I have tried to clarify those misconceptions in the book.”

The first edition is available to BASC members at a discounted £12 from BASC’s bookshop in partnership with publishers Quiller. The full price is £14.95.


UKSN’s author is glad to see an accessible tome on firearms law aimed at the ordinary shooter being published. There are 100 separate laws controlling firearms in this country – just a third of those are published statute laws, the rest being court decisions – and with the Home Office Guidance becoming binding on police, it is increasingly difficult for the ordinary sportsman to know whether or not an innocent mistake will lead to persecution and years in prison.

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