Theresa May becomes prime minister

12 July 2016 – Home Secretary Theresa May, who was a keen advocate of the EU’s anti-shooting diktats, has become prime minister after the Conservative Party’s post-referendum leadership contest fizzled out.

May has been a supporter of the EU gun ban, which would outlaw magazines and impose British-style bans on semi-automatic firearms and pistols on the Continent.

Under her, the Home Office has taken its eye off the firearms licensing law ball, allowing police to fill the vacuum with more demands for intrusive powers without accountability to the public. This comes in spite of her occasional public outbursts against the police trade unions.

Once the dust has settled over her coronation as prime minister, it is likely that a shakeup in British law and order policy will happen.

3 thoughts on “Theresa May becomes prime minister

  1. Nick B

    Well, she struck me as the most statesman-like out of the other potentials – but given her track record against our sport I didn’t want her in the job at all.

    Best we start pushing for S5 authority eh đŸ˜‰


  2. foodepedia (@foodepedia)

    I’m sure she will have more than enough to do than to worry unduly about firearms.

    Of course if some tragedy does occur using the kind of firearms that facilitate such a thing (magazine fed for example) then we can expect a very firm clamp down indeed on those and probably all firearms. So it behoves us all to keep a close eye on each other and not be shy of expressing any concerns we might have. Just because someone is fine one week doesn’t mean they will be fine the week after.


  3. Anthony Chappell

    I hope she’s way too busy with other things to have any time to work out what guns she wants to ban next.



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