EU MEPs to vote on #EUgunban today

13 July 2016 – EU MEPs are to vote on the EU gun ban plan today, according to campaign group Firearms United.

UKSN’s author recommends you read their Facebook page, and comments on their posts, to keep up to date with the situation.

A Facebook comment by UK MEP Vicky Ford, the EU “rapporteur” for the gun ban, says:

The parliament compromises do not include a requirement for 5 yr medical tests, as of today the compromises do not include limitations on magazine capacity, sports shooters will be able to benefit from exemptions to hold Cat a firearms, the restrictions proposed by the Commission have been significantly more focused, reloading and self loading is permitted under the parliament text.

Nobody seems quite sure exactly what the EU Parliament is voting on, it seems.

7 thoughts on “EU MEPs to vote on #EUgunban today

  1. Colinj

    Looks Like The MEP’s are still going to vote on a magazine capacity restriction, but instead of an outright ban, it’s a move to Category A with an exemption for sports shooters – looked like a good deal last night, but further reading of the actual voting list shows its still totally unacceptable!


  2. Nick B

    This is interesting:

    “FIREARMS UNITED expert’s opinion

    Forcing people to become member of a club in order to obtain an exemption is against the ECHR (Ruling of the Dutch Supreme Court) and often against the constitution (Finland). This would in fact make it impossible to apply this exemption.”

    Home Office approved clubs eh?


    1. Paul Isherwood

      Unfortunately, I think the answer is a resounding, yes. Notwithstanding our referendum, we still have to legally extract ourselves from the EU and it might take years. During all that time it is likely that we will have to implement the constant stream of legislation and policy that the EU churns out, ad nauseam.


    1. Paul

      I wouldn’t hold my breath … not with Mrs. May now in the big seat. This ban had the Home Office dabs all over it anyway.



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