#EUgunban: It looks like the semi-auto and magazine bans just passed

13 July 2016, breaking – It appears that the EU Parliament has voted in favour of banning all centrefire semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines. However, the situation is unclear at the moment.

UKSN’s author is busy with the day job – and was unable to follow the EU MEPs voting today, as the vote takes place from a pre-numbered list of amendments circulated to MEPs. (“amendment 100, ayes… noes… abstentions… OK, amendment falls” seems to be how the votes work, with their actual changes not read out or confirmed)

It would take hours to cross-reference and unravel what each of the numbered items means.

Some documents are available here, on the EU website. Quite frankly I don’t know whether these are the ones they were using today or whether they were superseded.

From talk around various Facebook groups and posts, it seems that the ban did go through – but nobody’s quite sure. A press conference with Vicky Ford MEP appears to be scheduled for 1630.

UK readers should be aware that the Countryside Alliance, one of Britain’s two main sporting shooting organisations, thinks that Brexit won’t protect us from this EU diktat.

10 thoughts on “#EUgunban: It looks like the semi-auto and magazine bans just passed

  1. Mr.Smith

    We have already banned semi-auto centre firearms in the UK, so that cannot affect us, except the police, as they are a civilian force non military. In that respect I hope it goes through.
    Police should not have anything a civilian cannot have or it is a police state,
    Magazines? since the 23rd June 2016 we have indicated to the EU we want no more of their laws and that should be the cut off date.


    1. JR

      I agree with the sentiment but remember our police(“citizens in uniform”) have access to handguns whereas we do not.


  2. commonlycalledcosmin

    The funny thing is it doesn’t affect any straightpull, lever release guns since they are not semi auto, so we will be in a position where us UK shooters will be allowed unrestricted “high capacity magazines” for our southern gun AR-15s but in Europe they will be restricted.


  3. commonlycalledcosmin

    Also, it will affect in the UK all section1 shotguns, so now you will need to be part of an association such as Target shotgun NRA, UKPSA and other practical shooting associations for your continued good reason to own a section 1 shotgun with over 11 rounds. The: “I’m a farmer and I need this section 1 for pest control” isn’t going to cut it anymore probably to get one of these granted.


  4. commonlycalledcosmin

    Yes it will still apply since we are still in the EU until after 2 years after we invoke article 50. We haven’t yet done that and with a PM now that is clearly pro Europe it is doubtful if we will ever invoke that article. Even I am feeling pessimistic. 😦


  5. commonlycalledcosmin

    I just looked at the Eu guidelines again and they must have changed all magazine capacity to 21 rounds or 20 round magazine and one in the chamber.
    “Annex I – Part II – Category A, point 7a (new)
    Semi-automatic firearms with centrefire percussion, and loading devices, with one or more
    of the following characteristics:
    (a) long firearms (i.e. firearms that are originally intended to be fired from the shoulder)
    that can be reduced to a length of less than 60cm without losing functionality by means of
    a folding or telescoping stock or by a stock that can be removed without using tools;
    b) firearms which allow the firing of more than 21 rounds without reloading, if a loading
    device with a capacity exceeding 20 rounds is part of the firearm or is inserted into it; and
    c) loading devices which can hold more than 20 rounds;”

    It used to be 11 rounds for long centre fire guns(rifles and shotguns) and 21 for short centre fire guns(pistols) but it seems that an upper limit of 21 rounds has been set for both which is welcomed. Semi auto shotguns should be fine in 99% of them, only some Saigas with drum mags and of course Winchesters and Benneli sporting the x-rail system (up to 24 rounds) will be categorised into the new A7 category.

    The most worrying thing is that since these guns will be classed in the same category as machineguns and things like explosives and rocket launchers, it wouldn’t take much of a push to ban them since the EU have already agreed that they must be “especially dangerous” to categorize them in A.



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