Betrayal: Vicky Ford admits she doesn’t know what #EUgunban just outlawed

15 July 2016 – EU MEP Vicky Ford has confessed that before Wednesday’s vote to endorse a blanket ban on semi-auto firearms and their magazines, she had to write to the EU bureaucrat pushing the ban to ask what it would outlaw.

Ford made the staggering confession in a press conference held immediately after the EU Parliament vote. The EU helpfully videoed Ford’s comments and so they are preserved for posterity.

“I mentioned before the vote that I had written to Commissioner Bienkowska asking for more specific, exact concrete examples of the types of firearms to be moved into these categories under these proposals and I know she is already discussing that with other member states,” said Ford.

The meaning of this is clear. Ford, as the EU parliament’s rapporteur for its gun ban, did not know precisely what she was voting to ban and had to ask for help. By extension, few of the other MEPs would have known. If Bienkowska, one of the architects of the EU gun ban, is still discussing this with EU subject states, she clearly doesn’t know either.

Yet the MEPs still voted to ban all semi-auto centrefire rifles and pistols, and to ban all of the standard types of magazines used with these firearms.

“Today’s vote is meant to ensure that those law-abiding citizens can carry on with their pastimes and get authorisations from their member states to do so under strict controls where appropriate,” continued Ford, blissfully unaware of what she had just led the EU Parliament into doing.

A so-called trilogue negotiation will take place in September. This is the stage where the EU Council and EU Commission get together with EU Parliament representatives and decide what the details of the new Firearms Diktat will actually be.

What have they just done?

Wednesday’s vote was for the EU Parliament to finalise its position before proceeding to the real negotiations with the unelected bureaucrats. With EU MEPs now publicly committed to banning all “semi-automatic firearms capable of firing more than 21 rounds without reloading, if a loading device with a capacity exceeding 20 rounds is part of the firearm or is inserted into it” a ban on all semi-automatic firearms is now inevitable.

Although the EU MEPs are trying to hide behind a proposed “exemption” for “sport shooters”, this appears to be an economic method of ensuring people are unable to continue without spending vast sums of money. According to an EU press release crowing about the success of the gun ban to date:

“Sport shooters have been concerned about the Commission’s draft, so Parliament’s text proposes that member states will be able to give exemptions for target shooters if they are members of a recognised shooting club taking part in competitions”, Ford explained.

Meaningless exemption

In EU subject states such as Sweden, where anti-shooting groups have the official support of the police, this will almost certainly not happen. In most of Eastern Europe it is illegal to force people to become members of a club or association to do something that is otherwise legal – a law passed to prevent a repeat of the Soviet requirement to join the Communist Party to take part in everyday activities.

Not that laws, customs or painful memories of evil, repressive political regimes ever stopped the EU juggernaut.

EU MEPs have failed the people they were supposed to represent and defend. The original gun ban plan unveiled by unelected EU bureaucrats in November will, for all practical purposes, become law. Both the EU Commission and the EU Council strongly support the gun ban.

6 thoughts on “Betrayal: Vicky Ford admits she doesn’t know what #EUgunban just outlawed

  1. Andy J

    After yesterday’s incident in Nice I confidently expect an EU-wide ban on articulated trucks to prevent other similar terrorist outrages. And if not, why not?


  2. Colin

    Join a club and compete for 12 months before being allowed to apply for the appropriate exemption….

    How exactly Does one compete for 12 months beforehand if you can’t own the tools to compete with?


  3. commonlycalledcosmin

    The thing is the grey area is that a country MAY allow its citizens who are sports shooters and meet the required criteria in having these types of guns. It doesn’t actually say that they will. I mean this will give carte blanche for countries like Italy, Sweden, Ireland to ban certain gun categories by not allowing authorisation for them, while countries in Easter Europe, their governments will probably just ignore the directive.



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