Suffolk Rifle Company shuts up shop

26 July 2016 – Suffolk Rifle Company has ceased trading, according to its website.

The website has apparently been closed down, with all of its online shop facilities removed. A note on the homepage reads: “This company is no longer trading. Many thanks to all of our customers for supporting us over the last six years.”

The Google Cache version of shows the website was still advertising non-licensed parts for sale just 10 days ago. The company’s Facebook page has no mention of the closure and posts on it were advertising springs for sale on 30th June.

Various rumours of SRC having fallen victim to a paperwork mix-up are doing the rounds on shooting forums.

UK Shooting News has emailed SRC for comment and will update this post when they reply.

1 thought on “Suffolk Rifle Company shuts up shop

  1. Nick B

    Neil has previously confirmed that it was an issue with an L85 he put in for proof, and that thereafter there were concerns as to its provenance, which IIRC resulted in a mob handed visit from the NCA that found some things they didn’t like.

    It’s a shame he’s out of business – particularly as that’s 2 LBP’s off the market now (His glockalike and Icon Arms Sig P226 – RIP Mike).



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