Have you or your club been contacted by Barclays Bank? Tell us in confidence

19 Aug 2016 – Information seen by UK Shooting News suggests that the previously-reported Barclays Bank fishing exercise may have been carried out with a false identity.

Letters seen by UKSN show the same named person, who we will identify as “ER”, being named as a ‘manager’ and as a ‘central support assistant’ – and the letters were sent from two different counties, about 50 miles apart, on the same day.

It appears that the bank has been using this ER identity to communicate with rifle clubs, demanding they hand over copies of firearm certificates – revealing not only the exact firearms and ammunition the club holds, but the holder’s home address – and lists of club members.

NRA chief executive Andrew Mercer advised affected clubs to cooperate fully with Barclays and supply any information the bank asked for.

If ER does not exist and is just a generic name being used by the customer services department then the bank has, in effect, been carrying out a confidence trick on rifle clubs. Why lie about your own identity to one of your own customers when you are demanding they give you copies of very sensitive details about firearms and ammunition, and their owners, on pain of forced account closures?

UKSN’s author urges members and officials of rifle clubs that have been contacted by Barclays to get in touch. The information I’m interested in is the name of the person who contacted your club, the dates on which they did so, the information they demanded and the address on the letter from the bank.

Please pass this post to anyone you think may be able to help me build up a picture of what’s been going on here.

3 thoughts on “Have you or your club been contacted by Barclays Bank? Tell us in confidence

  1. JR

    Would it not be prudent for any club receiving such a letter to first pass a copy to their police licencing department asking for their comments prior to making any reply to Barclays?
    Has there been any feedback from clubs who simply ignored the letter?


  2. Rob Manfield

    Hi Gaz Very interested in your news items. Our club was contacted by Barclays Lorraine Smith about 2 mths ago for updating signatories details. We responded to this and sent cpies of passport & driving licences. Then about 3 weeks ago she wanted a copy of our Home Office cert 861. The committee were of the opinion that this was too much and I declined and said we would consider moving our account if they insisted. We have heard nothing since.

    Thanks Rob Manfield President Tamar Rangers Rifle Club


  3. Rob

    I have had this vindictive person on the phone making threats to close the clue account unlike other clubs mentioned here mine is a clay pigeon club . This Lorraine smith is a nasty and arrogant woman who wanted to know CPSA details where we get our money from ,how we spend it detail of membership and website ,ever objection to this interigation was meet by I will freeze the account. I intend to make a formal complaint to Barclays and the FSA also i will pull the account and go elsewhere



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