Police Scotland has issued just 6 airgun licences

31 Aug 2016 – Despite a heavy publicity campaign resulting in 1,000 airgun licence applications being received, Police Scotland has issued just six of them.

The success rate – barely 0.6% – was disclosed in a freedom of information request made to a UKSN reader.

The figures ran from 1st July, when applications could be submitted, to 30th July. 1,089 applications were received by the single police force north of the border.

Disclosure of the figures will raise fresh fears over both the manning levels of Police Scotland’s firearms enquiry teams and the political will to see airguns banned by the back door.

Similar abuses of licensing powers have occurred in England, albeit in non-firearms-related fields. Hackney council has a ‘nil’ policy on new ‘sexual entertainment venues’, despite there being no power in venue licensing law for them to impose a blanket ban.


4 thoughts on “Police Scotland has issued just 6 airgun licences

  1. Paul

    O.K., only 6 airgun licences granted by Police Scotland is probably par for course. But only a 1,000 applications in total … from the whole of Scotland? There must be at least that many qualifying for one in Dunfermline, or Paisley, or Falkirk, or Renfrew, or Ayr. The list could go on. Just for fun, any educated guesses for the number of airgun owners in the Glasgow suburb of Hillhead?


  2. paul

    It’s not firearms staff dealing with AWL license so it may be sometime to get it running up to speed. Should not be happening at all mind you.


  3. James McArthur

    What are the penalties for possessing an airgun without a license?

    This reminds me of a New York City law that required rifle and shotgun registration. I read that there were more hunting licenses sold every year to NYC residents, than there were registered rifles and shotguns. 🙂


    1. Jerry

      Coming from the West Coast of the USA, I must smile at the list of regulations with which the paranoid New Yorkers have surrounded themselves to maintain their illusions of pain-free comfort and safety! I don’t go near the place if I can help it!
      Funny thing about New York; Despite all they do, their birth to death ratio has been 1:1 for a long time. It will probably continue that way in the foreseeable future.
      They really need to work on their culture, instead of trying to shackle each other into civility. They proceed as if their idea of the perfect society, the perfect City and State, would be some sort of open prison. Nuts!



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