FAC holder in court over alleged failure to comply with conditions – in a Tube station

A firearm certificate holder has appeared in court after allegedly breaching the safe storage condition on his FAC – at London’s Earls Court Underground station.

Carl Draper, a 35-yr-old man of Lakeside Drive, Brent, London, was arrested on 14th May this year at the busy London Underground station. His case was listed to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 13th September.

He is accused of: failure to comply with the statutory secure storage condition on his firearm certificate; possessing a knife in a public place without lawful authority or good reason; and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place – a knife.

The police force that arrested and charged Draper was the British Transport Police, which has little or no corporate knowledge of firearms licensing law, being a private police force with no firearms licensing department of its own.

UK Shooting News will be enquiring after Draper’s case and reporting more. Readers with knowledge of the case are encouraged to get in touch.

8 thoughts on “FAC holder in court over alleged failure to comply with conditions – in a Tube station

  1. Mr.Smith

    Nothing to with his F.A.C. a knife is not listed on a F.A.C. I was in London last week and went and got my Swiss army Knife repaired in New Bond street at the Swiss army shop there, and bought a pair of carving knifes also, had them in my bag on the subway, walking the street on the train, that would be the same charge?
    Was at an auction by Holts on 15th September people there bought swords, guns knives, were they charged the same, he could have been taking his knife to a repair, and not had time to do so.


  2. Nick Harman

    If he had good reason to be carrying the knife, like the ones Mr Smith suggested, he would have told the police at the time? Shown receipts or whatever. And was it a small pocket knife or something larger?

    I’d like to know why he was pulled over, presumably he was not waving the knife about whatever size it was?


  3. commonlycalledcosmin

    So was he charged with ” failure to comply with the statutory secure storage condition on his firearm certificate”. For merely transporting the gun on London Underground? In that case anyone that has a FAC in London and uses the underground had better get arrested then.


  4. Graham

    Is this the same man who was originally arrested back in May reportedly by two ‘hero’ off-duty Met officers on, ‘suspicion of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, possession of a firearm while drunk in a public place, possession of a bladed article, and possession of ammunition in a public place’ (beloved quoted from the BTP press release)?
    He’s been bailed twice and as the charges are now radically different from the original reasons for arrest, the bottom of the barrel must have been well and truly scraped by the CPS.


    1. Gaz Corfield Post author

      It’s the BTP. All they care about is arrests leading to convictions – neither truth, justice nor facts play any part in their decision-making. From the radical changes to the charges it definitely looks as if they’re trying it on. I must check and see whether breach of conditions and the knife charges are indictable or either-way; the BTP has a long and inglorious history of evading CPS supervision by bringing minor charges which don’t require a grown-up to read the paperwork.


      1. Graham

        Yes, it would be BTP jurisdiction irrespective of the arresting officers being Met. I do hope he’s well represented.


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