More emerges on Tube FAC holder up in court

Further information has emerged on the man accused of breaching firearm certificate conditions at Earl’s Court Tube Station.

A report by the Evening Standard back in May reveals that the (then-unnamed) 35-yr-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, possession of a firearm while drunk in a public place, possession of a bladed article, and possession of ammunition in a public place.

“The alarm was raised by a fellow passenger in the early hours of Saturday morning, on the District Line train near Earl’s Court,” the newspaper reported. It seems the unidentified passenger pulled the emergency communication handle after spotting “weapons” in the man’s possession.

Carl Draper, a 35-yr-old man of Lakeside Drive, Brent, London, was due in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 13th September.

He is accused of: failure to comply with the statutory secure storage condition on his firearm certificate; possessing a knife in a public place without lawful authority or good reason; and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place – a knife.

UK Shooting News’ author is very busy these days (change of job) so time available for chasing these important stories up is short. However, this is one I will not let slide. Anyone with more information about the case who is reading this, please leave a comment below.

Thanks to commenter Graham for spotting the Evening Standard report and mentioning it in the comments on the earlier story.

3 thoughts on “More emerges on Tube FAC holder up in court

  1. Jerry Arvin

    Every medical clinic, hospital, restaurant, kitchen, farm, shipping department, upholsterer’s, cabinet maker’s, and pedicurist would come to a stop without … KNIVES! Have the Brits gone off their beams? I am SO Grateful that we told King George where he could shove his tender mercies, back around 1776!
    Jerry, in “The (former) Colonies”


  2. Graham

    It’s come about because our politicos see passing new laws as the easier option rather than enforcing perfectly workable existing ones. Knife crime up and beings shouted about in the ‘popular’ press? Let’s ban knives for all law abiding citizens instead of dealing with the actual problem – job done.


  3. Robert Sandison

    Its legal to carry a knife if its a folding one with a blade less than 3”also other ones if you can justify it.and can prove ”good reason ”. . Its situations like these that it is invaluable to be a member of organisations like BASC or SACS who will give advice and legal assistance from experts in this field . Given the number of charges it looks like they have gone for the ”shotgun approach ” hoping some or even one will stick .



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