Pro-GCN SNP MP: Licensed firearms cause deaths

17 Oct 2016 – A Scottish Nationalist has said in Parliament that “people are still dying from gun use and gun ownership, and too often that is caused by licensed firearms”.

Steven Paterson MP made the statement last Thursday. He also said he had attended an event sponsored by the Gun Control Network celebrating 20 years since the general public were punished for the avoidable failures of Central Scotland Police which led to the murders of an entire class of primary school children and their teacher in Dunblane.

Responding on behalf of the government, David Lidington MP said: “I know that the Home Office is looking at the legislation governing gun dealers, and that may go some way to address the hon. Gentleman’s concerns.”

While UKSN’s author loathes giving the oxygen of publicity to the four hate-filled geriatrics who operate the Gun Control Network, a press release on their website trumpets what they see as their success in having short firearms banned from general public ownership, and sets out a shopping list of further bans and restrictions.

It also lists the twice-failed shop-a-gun-owner Crimestoppers hotline as something due to return yet again, a targeted means of harassing law-abiding people going about their peaceful business. UKSN’s author, ever busier these days, does not have time to interrogate charity mouthpieces about it.

The Gun Control Network comprises four people: socialist ex-MP Bob Marshall-Andrews; his wife Gill; one of Gill’s friends, a Christine Hall; and Brighton academic Peter Squires. Despite its tiny membership, which is deliberately not disclosed on its website or open to the public, the group has influence out of all proportion to its size. The Marshall-Andrewses’ son, a web designer by trade, rebuilt their website and began regularly updating it earlier this year.

A more detailed look at the GCN by UKSN is available here.

UKSN’s standard advice is not to engage directly with the GCN. Find out what they’re up to and publicise that, by all means, but do not send them abuse, troll them or otherwise give them the oxygen of publicity by attempting to debate them. Tell your MP that they are a tiny group of narrow-minded obsessives who are to be ignored. Issue positive press releases about your sport to local papers and invite reporters, councillors and MPs down to your ranges and let them have a go. Get your club committee to actively publicise what you do and the fun you have while doing it. Drown out the voices of spite and hatred with a constant flow of positivity; kill them with kindness.

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