On the future of UKSN

26 Nov 2016 – Contrary to rumours UKSN is not dead, it’s just sleeping.

The main reason for the lack of updates on here is that I have changed jobs, and am now spending my working days reporting on all things technological rather than just doing the factual and legal checks on others’ work.

Writing is a time and energy-consuming business. Put frankly, I have neither time nor energy to update UKSN daily any more, particularly as I’m now doing a fair bit of international travel for work.

There are still plenty of things happening in the world of shooting regulation that we need to keep on top of, and I feel guilty that I have not been doing this. I know there are many out there who disagree with my views on the motivations of police and government when it comes to firearms regulation, but to me the important thing is that whether you agree with me or not, you are more aware and more informed as a result of seeing the news on here – and hopefully you have gone to do some further reading of your own to help you draw your own conclusions.

I may move UKSN to become a weekly post of interesting things in the shooting world, linking to others while adding little myself. That seems the best way to keep it going. Suggestions and ideas are naturally welcome in the comments below this post. I do want to keep writing about deeper themes I’ve established – the Barclays bank account closure problem, GPs obstructing firearms licensing for personal financial gain or for personal political reasons, and new ranges opening around the country.

I’d like to thank those of you who emailed me to ask what was going on with the lack of updates and if I was alright – I assure you I am!

I am also aware that there are others out there reading this who do not wish me well, and to the one who has followed me around the internet (particularly including UKSN) to blacken my name in various comments sections and forums: I know who you are and your location. I have already made enquiries about you to establish whether your deepening fixation with me is something you have exhibited about others, to determine whether it is something I need to act upon. I am aware that any formal action by me would instantly cost you your hobby, and quite probably have deeper, lasting consequences if pursued. If I keep finding you in my comments sections or on forums around the internet whenever my name is mentioned in connection with my personal or professional life, I will take that action – and ensure that the resulting impact upon you is broadcast as widely as I am able to organise.

6 thoughts on “On the future of UKSN

  1. Iain Slater

    I’ve always found this site to be a very valuable source of information and your work on it can only be welcomed and encouraged by all of us that are genuinely concerned for the future of our chosen sport.
    Good luck with your new full-time job Gaz, and long may you continue to to keep us updated and informed in whatever way you can manage.
    Many thanks.


  2. Jacob Cary

    This site is a very valuable place and source of news, and I would be sad to see it go.
    I wish you the best with your new full time job.


  3. Rob Manfield

    Very many thanks for all you do, much appreciated. We are in SW and have a very active club Tamar Rangers RC shooting at Millpool MOD and a private 100yd range on Exmoor

    Best regards



  4. Anthony Chappell

    I took it that no news was good news!good luck with the new job and I do hope this site carries on even if it’s once a week or month.cheers.


  5. Jim Crint

    Gaz, keep up the good work as i have always found your writings to be interesting and informative. Good luck with the new job.


  6. rustyoldarms

    Your posts are a refreshing change to those who would otherwise choose to stick their heads in the sand. As an antique arms collector and dealer we must all be vigilant concerning new legislation and Police actions, difficult times in the UK may be ahead.



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