Home Office 1000% rifle club fees hike consultation ends tomorrow afternoon

Rifle clubs have just over 24 hours left to formally object to the government’s plans to hike Home Office Approval fees by more than a thousand pounds.

The original UKSN story on this can be read here. The NRA response can be read on their website via this link, as it has completely fallen off their homepage. The NSRA statement can be read here.

Most shooters simply don’t care and expect it’s someone else’s problem to sort out. UKSN expects Home Office Approval fees to skyrocket to £850 or so – a token reduction from the £1,000+ hike above the £84 current rate. UKSN’s author has seen FOI responses forwarded by readers indicating that the government is in no mood to see sense.

This will kill off a number of smaller established clubs. The £400+ proposed fee for periodic modifications to the approval, such as changing secretary, will destroy university rifle clubs whose entire committees tend to rotate every 3-4 years, and make it financially unviable for anyone except the rich to start a new rifle club.

Killing off new and youth target shooting clubs is one of the main Home Office objectives of this exercise. It’s one of the last half dozen nails in the coffin of formal target shooting and the people affected don’t care. By the time they notice their club membership fees shooting up to absorb the costs, it will be too late to stop this. Doubtless the ostriches will have a grump to themselves about incompetent club committees and walk away.

Although the inevitable internet petition has been set up, it’ll go the same way as the various “bring back pistol shooting” petitions from last year, which were firmly ignored by the countryside tweed’n’shotguns brigade despite the best efforts of the Countryside Alliance and BASC to promote them. Some shooters even said there is no place for pistol shooting in the UK.

We should accept that rifle range target shooting in the UK is a sport whose likely lifespan is no greater than three decades. Its participants simply do not care about its future enough to fight off direct threats from cash-guzzling civil servants whose personal politics have been allowed to taint their public service function.

5 thoughts on “Home Office 1000% rifle club fees hike consultation ends tomorrow afternoon

  1. Chris Kinealy

    Once again a nail in the coffin of legiiitimate shooting. Yet another attempt by governments both Labour and Tory to ensuse that ‘all guns are banned.’ CHRIS KINEALY.


  2. Solidslug

    Be interested to see how many responses were received in total – do you know if they get published shed anywhere?


  3. Antonio

    That’s totally true and I don’t understand why it is next to impossible to get together everyone in this community considering that there are tens of thousands of people involved in shooting one way or another.
    How long before they will put restrictions on owning side-by-side shotgun and then these people will raise up in arms.
    Like the gays, our community is marginalised but we cannot get together and fight for our rights which are eroded year by year but we stay silent until it touches what we care for.


  4. 902312cda

    Leaving aside calls to vote UKIP, which merely reinforce the stereotype that shooters are all dangerous nutters, let’s not confuse this with the pistol ban which was at the end of the day a sensible idea if a little over draconian. It could have been better sorted out.

    Whatever the government’s reasons, simple greed as I suspect or as some would have it a dark plot to stop all forms of shooting, even the good sort, this is a cause we can all agree on and should try to get behind.



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