Monthly Archives: April 2017

Met Police data breach

19 April 2017 – The Metropolitan Police appears to have handed the full names and home addresses of every FAC and SGC holder to a marketing agency promoting the commercial Smartwater property marking and tracing product.

I am investigating this with my day job hat on. If you have received one of these leaflets and are concerned about the implications of your details having been sold on to a commercial third party by police – contrary to what Firearms Form 201 says, on page 7, in the data protection statement – please contact me at work:

Smartwater is basically invisible ink. You mark your property with it and if it is stolen, and later recovered, police can read off who owns it using UV light.

Resurrecting UKSN

I am considering resurrecting UKSN as a subscription service. Perhaps as a print newsletter posted to your very front door, or perhaps as a monthly email newsletter.

I’ve done it for free up until now but that was on the basis that it was a spare time thing. Time is money.

Thoughts and observations welcome in the comments section, particularly if you’d be interested in signing up for it.