The stolen 50-cal used to justify the UK ban was recovered by police

8 Nov 17 – The minister publicly driving the 50-cal ban has confessed to Parliament that the one stolen rifle which prompted the latest drive to ban 50-cal rifles was, in fact, recovered by police.

Nick Hurd MP, the Conservative Home Office minister steering the 50-cal and MARS bans through Parliament, admitted in a Parliamentary answer that no 50-cal rifles have been used in crime in the UK.

He added that the one “criminal incident” involving a 50-cal rifle was a theft, and added that the firearm “was subsequently recovered”.

Police lobby agency NABIS’ “chief scientist”, Martin Parker, was tasked to find a way of banning 50-calibre rifles by the police Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group. FELWG is the police group which decides what firearms laws will say and how they are enforced and interpreted. It stopped publishing meeting minutes when its parent company, ACPO, rebranded itself as the College of Policing, in order to evade an order from Theresa May that the unaccountable ACPO private business, owned for personal gain by senior police constables, was to be shut down.

Parker was given this job in the wake of the Paris mass murders of 2015, which was the trigger for the EU gun ban.

NABIS, the National Ballistic Intelligence Service, presents itself to the public as a ballistics lab that analyses bullets and firearms misused by criminals. In reality, NABIS is a police weapon deployed to secure changes in firearms laws targeting the licensed firearms community. It uses its pseudo-scientific approach to browbeat civil servants and politicians into changing the law and making it harder for legitimate shooters and collectors to enjoy their peaceful hobbies. NABIS works hand-in-glove with the dozen or so Home Office civil servants whose specialism is firearms law.

NABIS is responsible for recent changes to laws on antique firearms, which the Home Office itself confessed will save a theoretical one life per year. Fewer than 10 people have been shot dead through the misuse of antique firearms over the past ten years; all of these were criminal gang members.

5 thoughts on “The stolen 50-cal used to justify the UK ban was recovered by police

  1. Nick B

    I’m intrigured that David Drew asked the question about incidents of criminal activity with regards 50 cal rifles – you’d have thought Labour would merrily go along with banning all the things…..


  2. Antonio Adinolfi

    I have always maintained that this latest raft of banning laws was a shamble and had nothing to do with the reality of facts.

    It is a real shame that the Conservatives are going along with this which will have political consequences no doubt.


  3. Mike Roowell

    It is NEVER the type of firearm that kills or is dangerous but the irresponsible person who is in charge of it. If a car or lorry is driven in to a crowd of people slowly or at speed, the vehicle is then considered to be the dangerous weapon and the driver the criminal. Such events have happened all to frequently in the UK recently.
    However, Nick Hurd is driving a proposal with no supporting evidence or history of events and has decided to target good members of the public who lawfully own /responsibly posses such firearms. His unsubstantiated proposal to ban faster loading rifles and also large caliber rifles that are legally owned beggars belief. The politician should know better and other members of the conservatory party would do well to remove themselves from his idealistic rant that has no basis of fact regarding crime and legal ownership.
    Based upon his naive concept that “fast and large are dangerous” Then Nick Hurd would be on stable factual ground by proposing that:- all fast cars and lorries should be banned just in case they get driven into a crowd of people.
    There are plenty of legal car and lorry owner that would be effected…Just like the ALL the current owners targeted by his churlish unsubstantiated proposal re MARS and .50 calibers.
    I am a conservative who is embarrassed by this mans simplistic scribbles.
    Please do not give your support to this flawed proposal. Parliaments time and our tax money should be spent more wisely.


  4. Annoyed man

    They have no clue what they’re going, there’s no reason to ban rifles. None have been used in act to harm, and are impractical as they’re too heavy and take forever to reload. Civilians in the UK use these calibers to compete in world wide competition for TARGET shooting. It is a target rifle not a killing machine. More people die from choking on their own sick than from rifles, Air rifles have more recorded deaths and anything below 12ft/p doesn’t require a licence.



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