Lever release and 50-cal ban consultation ends today

9 Dec 17 – Don’t forget to tell the government not to ban MARS and 50-calibre rifles. UKSN’s author has just sent in his response to the public consultation, which ends today.

You can send yours to offensive.weapons.consultation@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk. More info on the NRA website.

8 thoughts on “Lever release and 50-cal ban consultation ends today

  1. Nick Harman

    Just 64 .50s in public possession? Seems a very small number. However they are military grade rifles capable of firing over very long distances and penetrating armour. I can see why the police might not want these rifles out there. If one was stolen it could be put to seriously dangerous use and the user would be far enough away not to be easily apprehended.

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  2. Solidslug

    And it’s not MARS any more it’s MARS “type”, which isn’t any further defined so… could mean any “manually actuated release system” – a standard bolt action could Fit that description

    And it’s also expanded to firearms that “achieve a similar rate of fire” – which depending on the user could mean a single shot Snyder depending on the definition of rapid being employed at the time!

    As NRA have said, consultation is now void.


    1. Nick Harman

      Well a bolt action without a magazine is not very fast, I recall back at school with .303 we weren’t all that fast even with a magazine. More likely to jam the things the faster we tried to go. Rapid has to mean faster than fumbling in your pocket for another round each time.



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