Offensive Weapons Bill going through Parliament now

11 Sep 18 – The Offensive Weapons Bill, which seeks to ban any rifle capable of generating over 13,600J muzzle energy and self-unloading rifles, plus a host of hostile amendments that would ban handloading and associated activities, is going through Parliament this morning.

The live stream is here on the Parliament website. The list of proposed amendments is here, also on the Parliament website. You need to read along with those to understand the live stream. Note the links to move to the next page at the bottom.

MPs on the committee are all anti-shooting. It appears that the licensed firearms community has not only failed to make a single friend on the committee (a small group of MPs appointed to nod through the Bill) but has also not influenced any other MPs in positions of influence so far.

The Bill is currently at committee stage in the Commons. It must go through its report stage and third reading before starting its journey through the Lords, which is mainly dominated by left-wingers promoted during the Labour years.

3 thoughts on “Offensive Weapons Bill going through Parliament now

  1. Frank Fisher

    I just read through the committee’s hearings. I’m astounded at the ignorance shown. The amendment to ban the supply of shotgun cartridges to anyone without a *firearms* cert, for example. Clearly people like BASC are not persuading MPs, but neither are they even informing them! The reloading amendment was withdrawn, thank christ, as was the restriction on supply of shotgun cartridges. I have emailed Louise Haigh, politely, offering to assist her without penalising innocent shooters….



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