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UK Shooting News is a blog operated by Gaz Corfield. I am a London-based journalist who is also a target shooter, preferring the disciplines of Target Rifle and historic Civilian Service Rifle but generally enjoying anything that involves firearms or shotguns. Here I bring my day job skills to bear on news and developments affecting my hobby.

While written in the same tone and style as “proper” news, the blog is entirely unpaid. Where I can, I try and obtain expert comment and corroboration for my interpretation of things but sometimes those key elements may be absent. This is an unpaid blog I run in my free time; take it or leave it.

I am available for media comment on firearms related stories, particularly those where lawfully owned firearms are involved or implicated. Please note I have a day job as a production journalist; the more notice you can give me, the better.

If you are a journalist and have read something on here that you want to follow up, please contact me and I’ll happily talk to you about sources, background, context, etc.

All words on here are my sole, exclusive copyright unless otherwise indicated. I take a very aggressive stance against plagiarism, especially where my copyright has been infringed in a commercial product or service without my prior permission. Consider this your one and only friendly warning.

I can write news, features and blog posts about target range shooting and its legislative/regulatory background for your publication on a freelance basis. To do so I expect to be paid; contact me via the details below. I have no interest in working where a transfer of money from you to me does not occur, so please do not insult me or embarrass yourself by offering ‘exposure’ or ‘audience’ in lieu of actual payment.

I am contactable via email – gazthejourno [at] gmail.com – and Twitter (@gazthejourno – best to tweet directly first before moving to DM as otherwise I may miss your DM). BBC Radio 5 Live also has my mobile number in their database of people. I don’t know how, but they do, so if you’re at the Beeb and want to get hold of me, ask them.

If you have something sensitive to pass on to UKSN, I recommend you register (for free) with ProtonMail and email me on corfield@protonmail.ch in order to protect both you and me from police attempts to uncover journalists’ confidential sources. Please do read that last link; this sort of spying is real and it happens in Britain today.

PR agencies, do not use my email address above to pitch things at me connected with my day job which is absolutely not what this blog is about. That email address is published purely for people wanting to talk me about the shooting sports. I routinely sinkhole any pitch emails I receive via Protonmail without reading them.