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BASC: ‘Rapid fire’ gun ban plan means MARS actions

10 Oct 2017 – The government’s plan to ban ‘rapid fire’ firearms means a ban on Manually Activated Release System (MARS) actioned rifles, according to BASC.

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New site, work in progress

5 May 2017 – The new UKSN website is a (very!) slow work in progress at the moment. Once it’s good enough, I’ll need people to help me test it out.

What I will do is keep the new site entirely for premium, subscription-only UKSN news. The occasional free snippet will still go on up on here in the meantime.

If you’d be interested in helping test the paywalled site once I finish putting it together, please comment below or email me – details are on the contact page linked above.

On the offchance any web developers read this, ahem, I think you can guess what comes next…!

Met Police data breach

19 April 2017 – The Metropolitan Police appears to have handed the full names and home addresses of every FAC and SGC holder to a marketing agency promoting the commercial Smartwater property marking and tracing product.

I am investigating this with my day job hat on. If you have received one of these leaflets and are concerned about the implications of your details having been sold on to a commercial third party by police – contrary to what Firearms Form 201 says, on page 7, in the data protection statement – please contact me at work:

Smartwater is basically invisible ink. You mark your property with it and if it is stolen, and later recovered, police can read off who owns it using UV light.