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UK Shooting News welcomes comments from everyone. That said, there are a few simple rules…

  • Keep it civil. Swear if you must, but gratuitous profanity will be removed.
  • No advertising. New products might get a free pass if they’re cool enough, if not… zap!
  • No spam (duh)

As of the date of this post, comments have been switched to auto-publish instead of pre-moderation. I cannot, therefore, be held responsible for the contents of comments. I reserve the right to remove or delete any comment at any time without explanation. My blog, my rules.

Aggrieved parties who take issue with the content of a comment will be referred to the Defamation Act 2013. By submitting a notice under the Act complainants acknowledge that they are happy for their details, including but not limited to names and email addresses, to be disclosed to targets of their complaints.


One thought on “Comments policy

  1. Robert Jones

    As a very high percentage of Air rifles are used for Pest control and based on statistics are used criminally at a very low percentage. Its important that the Authorities do not drop the power allowed off certificate to such a level that Vermin species are injured rather than being killed out right. Most Air gun users are of non cert levels and at only 12ft/lb this is only just viable to kill Rats Rabbits Pigeons etc which is what a high number of airguns are used to control. Statistic on Air gun crime is at a very low level and present regulations give police enough powers to deal with this.



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