EU gun ban: Danger has not yet passed

19 April 2016 – Despite British MEP Vicky Ford’s recommendation that the EU drops its silly self-loading gun ban plan, it appears Eurocrats aren’t giving up on their disarmament dreams.

News website all4shooters speculates that the EU is planning to ignore Ford’s recommendations, while the EU parliament’s LIBE committee – covering Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, and chaired by Labour MEP Claude Moraes – is said to be proposing an EU law to allow a total firearms ban, as well as various unworkable high taxes, compulsory marking for ammunition and its component parts, and a 3 year certificate life.

UK Shooting News has not read all4shooters’ source material in depth and so cannot vouch for the accuracy of their claims. The sources, however, are linked from their website.

all4shooters does warn that the EU Commission is trying to mobilise left wing politicians’ support for the EU gun ban to defeat Tory MEP Ford’s proposal that the ban is dropped and other repressive measures are revised.

The site recommends shooters start writing to their local left-wing MEPs, respectfully engaging with them and asking them to support Ford’s report.

Previous coverage on UKSN when the ban was first published indicated that Labour, the Scottish National Socialists and the Greens all support the original EU gun ban.

6 thoughts on “EU gun ban: Danger has not yet passed

  1. Paul

    As we keep saying … another reason to bid au revoir to our continental cousins and wish them well in thier European experiment in benevolent socialism … or be left-wing fascism … with dictatorship to follow


  2. Paul

    O.K., having read the LIBE document as best I can, given the scope of my language skills, one thing is plainly obvious … not only do we have to tollerate our own home grown crop of uninformed, social meddlers, we now have a an entire hothouse of even more uninformed European buffoons to cope with. Where is that exit door again? Oh’ yes, it magically appears for one time only on the 23rd June 2016 … X marks the spot.


    1. TIM

      Actually Paul, check out project effect on an internet search……especially the stake holder list, this is being carefully grafted I can assure you with lots of EU funding.
      As for UK……..cant get your wish list ratified by home grown law?……..why just have a chat with the EU………Teresa was very busy with her personal visits wasn’t she????


  3. commonlycalledcosmin

    It is very confusing since some of the amendments are in their native tongue. I thought everything had to be translated in every language, as it stands, I can’t read over half of the amendments and what they mean. “Some transparency that is.”


  4. Anthony Chappell

    They scream about liberty then constantly try to take it away, These scumbags really know no limits!Yet again our special place in Europe is demonstrated by our continental friends by ignoring our MEP’S . Roll on the referendum and my OUT vote being counted,not that it will totally solve our problems as we will still have our own home grown left wing do good er nazis to deal with.



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