#EUgunban: You can send the EU your thoughts

EU subjects can send the unelected commissars in Brussels their thoughts on the EU’s semi-auto gun ban proposals, it has emerged.

Highlighted by Stijne Vandamme, the Belgian behind the 100,000-strong petition against the gun ban, an obscure page on the EU’s official website allows people to send their thoughts to the commissioners responsible for coming up with the ban.

As highlighted by UK Shooting News when the news broke, the ban will:

  • Effectively outlaw most semi-automatic rifles
  • Ban virtually all pistols
  • Outlaw the possession of deactivated machine guns
  • Require the total destruction of machine guns, even deactivated ones, owned by museums
  • Allow state employees from any EU nation to access your sensitive personal data
  • Allow the EU Commission to enact future firearms laws by decree (i.e. without a vote)
  • Ban electronic sales of firearms by private individuals

Shooters, collectors and others affected by the ban proposal are being urged to sign this petition and write to their MEPs asking them to vote against the ban.

The EU is likely to discuss the ban tomorrow morning in a series of statements titled “Recent terrorist attacks in Paris”. No concrete details are available about the debate which will follow the EU’s statements.

Top shooting sports campaigner Katja Triebel has published a history of the ban proposal to date, including how unelected EU apparatchiks used misleading statistics and acted outside their lawful powers.

5 thoughts on “#EUgunban: You can send the EU your thoughts

  1. AnHourOfWolves

    The answer is easy: You defy and no longer comply. That’s what’s happened in NY, CT and WA since laws were passed in 2013.
    In NY alone the compliance rate of the SAFE Act “assault weapon” ban is in the single digits.


    1. Steven Wolf

      The problem is here in Europe they mainly know who has the guns. So it would take a really brave soul to virtually risk getting into a firefight with the police when you refuse to hand over your guns when they come to collect.


  2. Martin

    What happens when the next attack is carried out using knives? Will they ban all the kitchen knives then? A good handgun shooter can be just as effective as someone using a fully automatic weapon. All their doing is making us, law abiding citizens, even more vulnerable!



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